Chapter Scripts

Surah As-Saffat 37:151-160

37:151 Oh, Verily, it is out of their own [inclination to the] falsehood that some people assert. 

37:152 “God has begotten [a son]”, and, Verily, they are lying [too, when they say]. 

37:153 “He has chosen daughters in preference to sons”!

37:154 What is amiss with you and your judgment?

37:155 Will you not, then, bethink yourselves?

37:156 Or have you, perchance, clear evidence [for your assertions]?

37:157 Produce, then, that divine writ of yours, if you are speaking the truth!

37:158 And some people have invented a kinship between Him and all manner of invisible forces – although [even] these invisible forces know well that, verily, they [who thus blaspheme against God] shall indeed be arraigned [before Him on Judgment Day, for]

37:159 Limitless is God in His glory, above anything that men may devise by way of definition!

37:160 Not thus, however, [behave] God’s true servants.

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