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“God it is who hath created seven heavens, and of the earth the like thereof. The commandment cometh down among them slowly, that ye may know that God is Able to do all things and that God surroundeth all things in knowledge” (65:12), if you understood the language of the Qur’an you would know God said God it is who hath created seven heavens (space), and of the earth the like thereof (other planets). The commandment (Laws of the universe) cometh down among them slowly (exist in subatomic space), that ye may know (to give you the ability to know) that God is Able to do all things (your intellect is a state of matter), and that God surroundeth all things in knowledge (God surrounds all things with quantum entanglement).

Time doesn’t exist the way think, only the systems of the universe exist, the fundamental things, so you can’t reverse events or go forward in time to future events, the universe is not recording your life, only the results from actions. “It is not their meat nor their blood, that reaches God: it is your piety that reaches him” (22:37) in these are the realities of the universe if you but understood. Him in this verse and every verse in the Qur’an is His throne the direction God gave to face Him, up and inwardly, it is the place in the universe that represents His reality and the direction all deeds travel to, and this place is the end/edge of the universe, therefore in all of the universe your piety, the essence of your actions, their intentions, is what transcends time and space.

“They know but the outer surface of this world’s life, whereas of the ultimate [repercussion of] things [in the universe] they are utterly unaware.” [Qur’an 30:7]

“And in the heaven (subatomic) is your provision and whatever you are promised” [Qur’an 51:22]

Abdullah ibn. Mas‘ud and some (other) companions of the messenger of God said commenting on: “He is the one who created for you all that is on earth. then he stretched out straight toward the heaven and fashioned it into seven heavens.” God’s throne was upon the water (a simile for a sea of particles). he had not created anything except what he created before the water. when he wanted to create the creation, he brought forth smoke from the water (this is a simile for the process particles were undergoing when the Universe was being created, the simile is of steam coming from water being used to create space). the smoke rose above the water and hovered loftily over it (particles were forming other particles), he, therefore, called it “heaven”(from this “water” subatomic space or heaven was created), then he dried out the water (all matter was formed), and thus made it one earth (formed physical matter).

When something is very subtle it is at risk of being affected by other forces, it can be annulled, changed, or manipulated. Consider this and the Prophets words “No precaution can protect against the decree of God. Du’a’ is beneficial with regard to what has been decreed and what has not been decreed. The du’a’ meets the calamity that has been decreed and wrestles with it, until the Day of Resurrection.”

God speaks in higher harmonics, He speaks by combining multiple higher realities together, usually those of Angels or Man. The Universe converts timelessness to time, this is the expansion of the universe. The Universe converts matter in timeless form into the matter with time. Everything is made of particles even strings, all particles exist in fields, not strings. Fields are scientifically established, strings are still hot air, particles may behave as strings? but the universe is not made of strings and the universe is not a rope. The reality of rigorous testing and authentication, if a physicist begins to start talking about Sci-fi, they are in the realm of theory only. The Universe began from timelessness, time created from no time, the Universe in simple terms is a pocket of time in timeless “space”. The big bang is the after the event of creation, not the actual point of its birth, the Universe was not created then suddenly inflate, there are stages before inflation. ‘Why’ is not up for debate, that is a constant. The values of these constants themselves are not being held in place by a god, they are there because the equilibrium of the universe supports life, not any single constant.

God’s reality is infinity, and that isn’t abstract it is built upon reality. The universe is time, while what is outside of it is timeless, Understand time was created the moment the universe was and it is tangible, hence time in physics is called space-time because the flow of time in different regions of the universe varies according to Mass present in that location which is bending space and time around it. God is not bound by the universe hence it does not represent His reality, only His qualities, while outside the universe that reality properly represents Him. Infinity is a reality not just a hypothetical existence and it is God’s reality, understand it is the infinity that is upon infinity, upon that infinity, that is near God’s reality and the Prophet of God (peace be upon him) taught us this. The universe has building blocks, these blocks bend around the forces of the universe like magnetism and the earth’s magnetic field and begin moving in realties such as the Fibonacci sequence, from there things are created from repetition, first at the fundamental level of life then to more complex structures like plants, animals, and people.

If God exists in Mathematics He exists in the calculation of time.

Patterns emerge from repetition, endless particles following the same paths in the universe in the same systems that propagate themselves based upon their nature, the reality of the inner reaching out from the depths of subatomic space to be known, we live in the world of the ego and the self, the world of unique identity and above that is the biggest self of all, God on whose reality/image we are created. Man sees via attraction, take that away and you limit what he is able to see, those who wish for such purity are themselves relying on the works of others who were inspired. If you consider attraction is entanglement at the subatomic level then you can understand this is your first interaction with that reality and it is required.

Reductionism is not purity in mathematics, the universe created things mathematics is trying to describe and beauty is a quality of that reality, maybe mathematics can rate the beauty of what it is trying to reach from 1 to 10 like a supermodel and use that in its equations, that certainly is a tangible reality in the universe. If mathematics is trying to describe all things it will eventually have to quantify qualities and attraction is a fundamental reality in the universe among all things from particles to people.

“Nun. By the pen and that which they write (therewith)” (68:1): The Letter Nun as described by the Prophet Himself is rather the name God gave to subatomic space, the Pen is a metaphor, often referred to as the Pen of light, it is the Universes ability to write fate, those who write in this verse, being referred to are the Angels, from the metaphor is clear, God is taking an oath by subatomic space and the Angels ability to write with quantum entanglement/fate which is the crux of their work in all things and how everything occurs in the universe. The Prophet of God described Nun in reference to the “Pen” and the Universe, as an “ink well”; The Prophet of God (peace be upon him) said, “The first thing God created (after the Universe) was the pen, then He created the ‘Nun’ (space) which is an inkwell (for particles). This is what God stated (in sura 68:1) ‘Nun and the Pen.’ And He said to it, ‘Write’ (begin working). So the pen wrote all that will be until judgment day (rather the Pen of the universe began working and will continue until the day of judgment). Then God created (established) the Nun (the outermost part of space) above the waters (the subatomic depths, the sea of particles) and He pressed the earth into its back (the Earth bends space and time around it which is why the prophet (peace be upon him) said pressed into it’s back). He (God) then said to the pen ‘Write (begin).’ The pen asked ‘What shall I write?’ God replied, ‘Write what was and what will be until judgment day (begin fate/entanglement); whether deed, reward, consequence and punishment (every action has an equal and opposite reaction) – until judgment day.’ Thus the pen wrote (began) what shall be until judgment day. God then placed a seal over the pen (matter over the subatomic depths) and it will not talk (be visible) until judgment day. Then God created the mind (the reality of the intellect, once the universe began calculating from entanglement the reality of the intellect began) and said, ‘By my Glory, I will establish you in those whom you love and I will take you away from those whom you despise (this is rather the universes ability to calculate all reactions to every action which is the core of what the intellect is, in essence, God is saying consciousness is a state of matter and it relates/comes from the universe).’”  

Human intelligence is not limited to the brain’s neural networks, or rather that is not the sum total on human intelligence, human intelligence is the sum total of the system and its inputs. This is because human intelligence does not deal with numbers and points of information it deals with realities, complete systems at a time. While AI deals with information linearly or in parallel it does not deal with time or is even in touch with it. Time here is meant in relation to reality and their complex interactions, so while the intellect may resemble AI, intelligence deals with higher orders of reality on magnitudes AI can never reach. A man was created on Gods image to deal with reality like a God, and that is in the parts of your consciousness you do not have access to because you are not trained to, such is the difference between Prophets, Saints, and Man, it is all there in you but it is driving you rather you driving it. 

Faster than the speed of light regarding particles: The Problem with the speed of light is Mass increases as speed increases, except for particles, which do not have the same problem as macro objects. Particles exist in an ocean, “water” in every direction including inwardly, the forward momentum of waves/particles gives the wave/particle information regarding its future. Everything sub atomically is acting on everything sub atomically because it exists in a medium, not a vacuum. Time can only flow in one direction, the future because the universe is expanding and that can’t change. Space and time are one thing so the expansion of the universe is the direction of time. Here is a narration from the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in which He (peace be upon him) explains that when the universe is about to end the expansion of the universe will alter and become back and forth: The Prophet then said (while explaining the reality of the sun and stars to a companion): If you wish to have this made clear, look to the circulation of the sphere alternately here and there. It is the circulation of Heaven (our solar system) and the circulation of all the stars together with it except those five (stars not moving with the rest of the stars, these end up in black holes). Their circulation today (the stars) is what you see and that is their prayer (obedience, in following the correct path). Their circulation to the day of resurrection is as quick as the circulation of a mill because of the Dangers and tremors of the Day of Resurrection (their circulation is tied to the expansion of the universe as the verse indicates). This is meant by God’s word: “On a day when the heaven sways to and fro (the expansion is no longer in one direction) and the mountains move. Woe on that day unto those who declare false (the Divine message). (52:9-11).

Fundamental means the absolute first thing all other things rely on, the thing at the bottom of subatomic space responsible for creating everything else. In regards to time, time is emergent from the fundamental building blocks of space and this is proved simply. The fact time dilation exists tells us time is not uniform through all of space and is different in different areas depending on Mass, that is the amount of mass of a planet or star or back hole, bending space to dictate the exact rate of time flows at. Since time and space are the same things the less space that exists means the less time that exists, hence time is emergent from subatomic space and its building blocks, and the deeper you go the less time there is until you reach timelessness, or something equivalent to it.

Time moves slower as gravity increases, the more gravity in a location the slower the rate of time, the faster you move through space the slower your rate of time, time moves slower as you move faster and this is related to the medium of space. A person at sea level will experience time at a slower rate than someone on a mountain because they are close to the earth’s center of Mass, but this is too sample to perceive . Though humans don’t experience it in their daily lives, gravity and movement can change how time elapses. Ultra-precise atomic clocks are now able to measure these tiny changes, known as time dilation. 

You are not looking sub atomically to see what particles are doing, particles are always moving, rather when you look you stop them and force the event to occur and what you get is probabilistic, this is how fate comes from probability in the universe. You have to remember it’s a wave that is part of the sea which is also where you are. The electromagnetic fields of the universe cause particles to bend their path exactly along the lines/curve/spiral of the Fibonacci sequence and that is how it is created, that is how things came to be created, from particles bending their path in a spiral because of the electromagnetic field of our earth. The earth’s magnetic field continues to act as a force on all things created on earth influencing the evolution of their creation, hence the Fibonacci spirals continue to form from the subatomic to the macro world and this is the reason why we see it everywhere. This is how beauty is created, God said about himself, He is beautiful and loves beauty, this is how it came to exist in His creation.

God is timeless and timelessness is a singularity of all time, understand your consciousness is the light generated by your body, those who reach the reality of God above His universe reach His perfect image and everything above the universe is One with God in His singularity because time does not exist there only in the Universe, this is why it is called Tawheed. It is the Tawheed of your light with the light of God and light/photons, the medium between you and God does not experience time, it is timeless. Time is not a sequential series of events, it is an infinite series of parallel events throughout the entire universe, time is not dependent on anyone thing occurring. Spacetime establishes this reality, time is not dependent on any single point in space. The universe is time expanding into timelessness. The universe converts timelessness into spacetime. If you consider the intellect of God the universe converts hypothetical thought into reality. Man has little impact on space or time because time exists as spacetime, this is the other end of the multiverse hypothesis, does anyone see a universe being created from space every time they turn left, No, there is only enough energy in this Universe for one Universe, if another was created this one would half in size, people who talk about multi Universes do not have consistent or sound physics. The nature of space is that it exists as space, it cannot exist without time.

We only measure time by the day and night cycle of the sun and moon, while this rather relates to the fabric of space, the sun and the moon are only symbols of time not time in reality. Scientists will have to conduct experiments about how this is affecting the time dilation earth is in, or the sun, they have not factored in the true nature of time into their calculations very well and this has the significance of changing many things. Revisiting this, the freer you are of time the more freewill you have, you don’t impact space that much and therefore time. Creation began internally in the universe then it spread outwards layer by layer until we reached the zenith of creation, Man, the ultimate example of the intellectual/spiritual and physical. Each step of creation takes us one step away from the reality of time and space, consider this fate with the reality that God is timeless while Man is on His image and we represent His face to the universe. Man’s existence is at the other side of the vortex we call the spiritual world where God began everything, we are the end of that path, Alice did not go down the rabbit hole, the rabbit hole led here. The spiritual creatures think we are the ones who are insane because we are not like them, but it is the other way around and they are insane in the face of reality, God created man to prove it to them. Simply remember how the Angels rejected Adam (q) because they could not understand Him so God forced them to prostrate to Him while they still did not understand, then Satan became arrogant because He still could not understand, today they still do not understand, because they can’t until they live like us and learn from their own experiences in our world with our it’s a reality around them.

On preserving the quantum state in the body; if microtubules exist throughout the body then they help preserve the structure of the body’s subatomic field as it surrounds the body and directs our senses/attention to what we pay attention to. The matter is as the prophets (peace be upon him) said “there is a piece of flesh in the body if it is sick the entire body is sick and it is the heart”, in other words, it is all interconnected via the electromagnetic fields the body generates. The body in general generates many fields whose sum total we call the body’s electromagnetic field. Each organ generates its own field, i.e has its say in the bodies affairs, when there is the coherence of their waves, the body is healthy, when they are not speaking to each other the body becomes sick/unbalanced, and the heart is the central hub in the entire system. Consider that man’s reality is part of space helping it evolve into the next moment of time, everything the universe has come to rely on is now dependent on human actions because we are the last to arrive in the universe and our reality is its zenith, the image of God, no consider what happens if you remove the image of the Perfect Man from this world, a gap will appear in the reality of the universe that cannot be replaced, this is the reality of entanglement which “extends over the heavens and the earth” (2:255).

Man serves a purpose in the world to create the light of God in it and it is not seen anywhere else but here because this is the perfection of the spiritual and material, the complete picture of all of life, hence the Prophet of God (peace be upon him) said this world will not come to an end until “God, God” is no longer said in it. Your reality is part of the same fabric as time, time exists as space-time and your reality is mind over matter and hence time.

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