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Since the Holy Qur’an is a revelation and God’s speech, the meaning of such revelation must be known to develop religious jurisprudent validity as well as for a chapter of social good in society. According to the definition given in the Holy Qur’an (verse 51: 42), revelation is the direct and unmolested speech of Exalted God to the Prophet. However, for people other than the Prophet, God’s speech is always indirect and is transmitted to them only through words and letters. Therefore, it can be said that ordinary people can only deal with God’s book rather than His speech. God’s speech is simple and far from and over and above word–combinations. It belongs to the world of supreme command (a stage in which matter is absolutely non-existent, and has no involvement). It is timeless, instantaneous, and not gradual. On the contrary, writing or divine scripture is a phenomenon of a lower material world, which was issued and descended gradually and in a combination of words. Therefore, what we can see in the Holy Qur’an is God’s book and not divine speech. The revelation is an intricate and non-material phenomenon. It descends through certain stages until it appears in the form of the Holy Qur’an presentable to man.  

When the Prophet (PBUH), given the levels of man’s soul and the world, ascends from the material and sensible stage with his spirit and heart, and, passes through and beyond the imaginal world, and is being released from matter, and divests himself of temporal and material dimensions, and observes and travels through the signs of Exalted God’s heaven, a light of knowledge which is incarnated in the form of the Holy Spirit called Gabriel of religions illuminates his heart. And in al-Najm (Chapter 53: verses 2 to 18) God describes and introduces Gabriel and calls him Shadíd al-Quwà (prolific of much power) and this is what in philosophy is called Active Intellect”.  After observing the Holy Spirit named Gabriel (which in philosophical terms means union with the Active Intellect) the Prophets hear and receive the divine speech and revelation in the form of words, which cannot be heard through external ears and airwaves. Then, in the same way, that he ascended to the world of the intellects, he would conversely descend to the world of matter by passing through the imaginal world. The words heard by the Prophet (PBUH), in each stage of the world of imagination and the world of matter, come down in a form suitable for that stage. And once arrived in the world of senses and the physical world, revelation and spiritual words are transmuted into human words and writing so that people can hear and see them.

As is mentioned in Chapter al-Najm and as was seen and heard by the Prophet (PBUH) with inner eyes and ears, Divine Speech is pure reality, and above any suspicion of error. The outward aspect of the Holy Qur’an can be understood by man’s outward being, but its inward aspect can be understood only by the supra-sensual human senses or man’s so-called inward being. Superficial attention to the words and their outward meanings is the same outward aspect of the Holy Qur’an. Of course, this assertion has legal and jurisprudential validity and, in jurisprudential terms, constitutes external proof. We believe that as the worlds have three physical, spiritual, and supra-spiritual levels, the Holy Qur’an, too, has the same levels, and is the “locus of manifestation” of all these three levels. Its first level is of verbal category, and all those who are familiar with the Arabic language understand it. But the other levels are spiritual, hidden, and “esoteric” and understanding them is possible only in a realm other than the realm of words.

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