Chapter Scripts

Surah Al-Ahqaf 46:31-35

46:31 O our people! Respond to God’s call, and have faith in Him, He will forgive you [whatever is past] of your sins, and deliver you from grievous suffering [in the life to come].


Lit., “enfolded”.

46:32 But he who does not respond to God’s call can never elude [Him] on earth, nor can he have any protector against Him [in the life to come), all such are most obviously lost in error.


i.e., “close to you in space as well as in time”. In its wider sense, this phrase denotes “all the rest of the world”.

46:33 Are, Then, they [who deny the life to come] not aware that God, who has created the heavens and the earth and never been wearied by their creation, has [also] the power to bring the dead back to life? Yeah, verily, He has the power to will anything!


This clause gives the meaning of the expression qurbanan, which contains an allusion not merely to false deities but also to the deification of saints, living or dead, who allegedly act as mediators between man and the transcendental Supreme Being.

46:34 And so, on the Day when those who were bent on denying the truth will be brought within sight of, the fire [and will be asked], “Is not this the truth?” – they will answer, “Yeah, by Our Sustainer!” [And] He will say, “Taste, then, this suffering as an outcome of your denial of the truth!”


Lit., “that was their lie and all that they were wont to invent”.

46:35 Remain, then, [O believer] patient in adversity, just as all of the apostles, endowed with a firmness of heart, bore themselves with patience. And do not ask for a speedy doom of those [who still deny the truth], on the Day when they see [the fulfillment of] what they were promised, [it will seem to them] as though they had dwelt [on earth) no longer than one hour of [an earthly] day! [This is Our] message. Will, then, any be [really] destroyed save iniquitous folk?


See surah 2, note 21 The connection between this passage and the preceding one apparently lies in the fact that whereas “those who are lost in sin” (of whom the tribe of ‘Ad is given as an example) refuse to heed God’s messages, the “unseen beings” spoken of in the sequence immediately perceived their truth and accepted them.

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