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Soorty Women-Inclusive Premier League has demonstrated its commitment to progress on inclusion and diversity with a program designed to suit its particular needs. Women to join tournaments promoting eco-friendly lifestyle habits.

Fair-Game-Report called to make stadiums and match-day environments more inclusive, with child-friendly spaces and the creation of an effective mechanism to record and report instances of misogyny. Equality and diversity shouldn’t be implemented solely to earn more money, it should form a core part of an organization’s business plan – whether it’s football-cricket-based or not. The report itself should emphasize this by explaining how board diversity is a key factor in good decision-making and the success of organizations.

Soorty is Pakistan’s largest and most sustainable vertically integrated denim company with a global footprint that began as a garment tailoring shop in the 1980s, and now includes

  • Spinning and Denim mills in Pakistan
  • Garment factories in Pakistan and Bangladesh
  • Co-creation of Wash labs in Turkey
  • Design Studios in New York and Amsterdam

Soorty is at the cutting edge of innovation, design, and sustainability and offers the world’s first vertical LEED Platinum and Vertical Cradle2Cradle production solution, covering both fabric and garments.

Announcing two days of cricket, entertainment, team building, and a journey of emotions, visit SOORTY PREMIER LEAGUE 2022 – the tournament right now!

However, Soorty Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is determined to challenge these notions and, in a never-before, included Women’s cricket teams with participants across the group, in the flagship sports event – Soorty Premier League 2022!

The innovative programs and quality services that the CCOs deliver, alongside the infrastructure and capability, training and advice, will now be underpinned by diversity and inclusion policies
Soorty Premier League partnered with the Soorty Enhancing Women’s Service (SEWS)-CSR Project to sign a Memorandum of Understanding
From Journalists to Directors, we need more women in decision-making positions to make sure any game becomes the ‘respectable game’ it claims to be

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