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Developed News Story of Pakistani Girl To Subject Arts

It's an art and you had put in your honest efforts

Life has unpredictable ways of teaching us certain things. I wanted to study Arts and get into NCA but due to some issues, I couldn’t. So, I went to Islamabad to study arts and got admission to a college. After my bachelor’s, I moved back to Lahore for further studies. My younger brother wanted to go to NCA which he did and I supported him to my best. We would meet almost every day and share ideas and I would ask him for help with my assignments.

I learned photography from him. Away from home, we were best friends and each other’s support system. He would appreciate my ideas and paintings which worked as constant support of motivation. Once a famous blog featured a picture I took and the first message of appreciation was from him!

During the 2016 holidays, I came back home a few days earlier than his plan. On 6th June 2016, when he was coming back with his friends, he had an accident that took the lives of all the passengers.

I was devastated. We had many plans to work together. I was changed and learned the uncertainty of life. It was very hard to move on because most of the memories I cherish, were with him. His words still echo in my head, “Do not say bad things about your work. It’s an art and you had put in your honest efforts”.

To keep him with me forever, I pursued photography with everything I have got. Since his death, I have been taking more pictures; trying to capture every moment of life. My camera is always with me.

I wanted to go for a film degree but I had to stay with my mother because she needs me after losing Hassan and my father. Now I’m here, taking pictures living the moment. He wanted to create a piece of art. He taught me more than any book could. He is not here with me but I will keep him alive by doing the things he loved the most.

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