Animal Care

Principles of Animal Breeding

The owner/person/keeper of any animal is obliged to

  • Natural breeding or artificial breeding and reproduction methods, including through methods of bio or gene technology, are prohibited when it is expected that through the breeding or due to the breeding aim either the parent animal, the offspring itself, and/or their descendants will be imposed/burdened for a significant period of time or permanently with either pain, suffering or damage or behavioral disorders (including disruption to their species-specific behaviors) or if their physical functions are impaired or disturbed/affected [inhumane breeding practices]. This will particularly be the case where an animal will have any body parts or organs incapacitated/indisposed, altered, or missing. It also includes the prohibition of breeding selection for increased aggressiveness or fighting readiness.
  • Breeding methods and practices which result in, or are likely to result in, birthing difficulties are also considered as ‘inhumane breeding practices’, and are prohibited.
  • It is prohibited to pass on, sell, offer for sale, purchase, import, or export any animal with features resulting from inhumane breeding practices, or likely to contribute to such inhumane breeding practices.
  • Breeding should take into account positive animal welfare traits, such as but not limited to, disease resistance, maternal ability, polled animals, etc.

In addition, Authorisation of the Minister responsible, the Ministry or the Competent Authority to adopt any regulations [and establish, as appropriate, ‘Welfare Codes’, standards and guidance] in the context of breeding and production of animals. This would include restrictions and prohibitions on certain reproduction methods and breeding aims; restrictions and prohibitions on the breeding or production of certain species or breeds of animal and animals with certain characteristics, and here especially abnormalities in physique/body frame and/or behavior.


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