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Address Towards Constructive Societies

The flexible elements must occur in the elements cadre to develop, progress, and evolve. The Islamic legislative system for the fixed needs has imposed a fixed law and variable need, it has imposed the variable law but the law is a legal variable that Islam has linked to a fixed law. In Islam, one being aware of Islamic laws is someone who decides in different situations according to the best right approach.

Accompanying the effect of education, science with education aspects is not covered for everyone and it indicates the firm relationship between education with religious teachings and human production tools. Proper training with the help of various tools especially media is one of the key ways in developing paths and promoting media activity. Because the first brick education is the building of individual and social life in a society. All people must be trained in education from conception till the last moments of death. Not a technical skill, nor knowledge but the power of self-management, the ability to resist various effects such as irritability and stability against greedy suggestions of others and influential machinations are given. Attention to all elements of the human personality (Physical, intellectual, emotional, social, moral, and spiritual) is needed because there is a jewel in human existence.

After entering the land of media, it makes necessary the need of attention to the recommendations and requirements before and during travel. What is certain is that today information and communication technologies had a direct and indirect effect on all components and structures and demand new organizational and human relations. Visible and invisible relationships have created all causes of shaping new relations in the real and virtual fields in the third millennium and the society can be vaccinated and immune by preparing all the community members to preserve the divine values and the human interaction with the preservation of individual, religious, social, national and Islamic identities and the basis of rational acceptance of new races of human and organizational behaviors be provided.

In the field of media knowledge, the basic solution does deep research and communication, social, cultural theorizing is based on the teachings of Islam and the Quran and tradition. The field of practical politics should depend on the worldview and universality of Islam too. Innovation in the field of media communication seeks a society according to the speed of challenging, young attractive changes and hidden objectives of diverse and pleasing functions by attracting and using promising and expert educated people of the newest modern thought especially in the media field such as thoughts of self-management and total quality management provided the causes of self-management and promoting people and organizations.

Finally, a Muslim person knows all our deeds are seen by God and his archangels. In the ideal Islamic society, the mass media are expected to set the cultural and religious planning in the upper part and acts in such a way it is the man building the university. Stimulation and sending scriptures (Holy books), all are assessable in order to keep activated or activate human nature. So Islam as a religion that knows itself as responsible for regulating all areas of the individual and social life of man considers itself rightful (Or granted a duty for itself) which be in all areas of media work having guidance and obligatory rules.

Dividing the media programs to healthy and unhealthy is the result of the religious vision that says the human is a targeted creature as the society also must move towards a certain goal in terms of the Qur’an which is the closeness to God. Islamic specified requirements in the interaction and use of the media emphasize that all individual requirements dimensions and personal relationship with God, himself, others during life and using all earthly blessings and even in relation to the afterlife is not taking any notice of worship, love, and kindness to God and all the Muslim people are praising God with all their might and just worship him and avoid others except him and uses the media and everything at a time to know its requirements and brings him near to the Glorious God.

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