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Abdul Samad | P&G CEO Challenge National Winner | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

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Developed News Story | Pakistan | Abdul Samad

“With this announcement, I’m glad to share with my network that I have joined Haball as a Business Development Manager. My passion for Fintech has brought me back here. Ever since I joined Haball, three months ago, I have witnessed tremendous growth potential, and this product launch event was a testament to that. Thank you Omer Bin Ahsan for trusting me with managing and hosting the Cashless Supply Chain 2022. Representing the company at such a big stage this early was an achievement. Thank you team for the constant support Saqib Bashir Zaheer Bhatti Fawad Latif Ameerah Rizwan Mohammad Ali Jawed Haris Waseem Sofia Khan. Many thanks to Ahsan Amjad and Faisal Fareed for smooth communication.”

Abdul Samad | P&G CEO Challenge National Winner | Pakistan | Struggles 2022

Addendum | Control of the Sales Force

One benefit for the brand is to outsource the contracting of the sales force to the distributor. In practice, some brands that are more involved operationally will directly manage these field forces, even though they are paid by the distributor or by an outsourcing agency.

In a scientific distribution mindset, the next step would be to have routes designed by territories. That further frames the action of the distributor which does not have to think about how to start selling the product. That means the manufacturer has compiled a list of optimal circuits for each sales representative to follow, based on the segmentation of shops, the ideal visit frequency, and dynamic criteria such as their sales.

Pure traders offer the basics: stock points and logistics capabilities. They have good access to capital and often trade significant volumes, but they don’t help develop the market. Suppliers can find themselves in a power battle with these companies, many of which have strong market positions.

On October 5th, Haball launched Pakistan’s first end-to-end Digital Supply Chain Financing Platform, Wisaaq.

P&G CEO Challenge

A competition that will test your aptitude for business strategy and real-life problem-solving. If you’ve been eager to demonstrate your ingenuity and intelligence beyond your campus, this is the chance to make an impression on a global scale.

“Prepare to compete with teams from around the world to see who is most fit to be the next CEO of P&G. Top students will ascend to the Global Final and win the opportunity to meet P&G CEO, Jon Moeller. First, prepare to showcase your ability to think critically about leading a brand. Best of luck!”

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