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11:23 Surely those who have faith, do wholesome deeds, and are subservient to their Lord—it is they who will be the companions of the Garden, dwelling within it forever.

By way of allusion according to the tasting of the chevaliers of the Tariqah, He is saying: “Tomorrow, the residents of the Holy Palisades, the kings of the seat of truthfulness [54:55], and the nobles of the degrees of the High Chambers will be those who today have the ring of My command in the ear of servanthood. They are at ease in the house of subservience, their ears toward the command in the highway of approval because of servanthood, and they have left the road of resistance.”

It has been said that the reality of servanthood is two traits: you do what He approves and you approve of what He does. You poor wretch! The rebellious Nimrod in his unbelief fired one arrow of denial at the face of faith. You, while being a Muslim, fire several arrows of denial and protest at the face of the decrees of predetermination every day. How will your attribute of servanthood become sound? What about approval and surrender? Servanthood is that, in the street of the Haqiqah, you bind your waist with the belt of loyalty and you give your hands over to the ties of the Shariah. As long as your hands are tied, they will never be able to undo the belt. You are a servant, but you are walking on the road of the free. You are a servant, but you are seeking what is desired by lords. A servant will never be like a lord, and freedom and servanthood will never come together.

This is why the Lord of the Worlds says, 11:24 The likeness of the two groups is that of the blind and deaf and the seeing and hearing. Are they equal in likeness?

The truly blind are those who do not have the eye of heedfulness to gaze on the signs of the horizons by way of inference, nor the heart of reflection to ponder the signs of the souls, nor the insight of the Haqiqah to see the unveilings of the unseen secrets with the light of perspicacity. The truly seeing are those who look with the knowledge of certainty at the marks giving witness to the acts, for Have they not gazed upon the dominion of the heavens and the earth? [7:185]. Again, with the eye of certainty they see the realities of the attributes, for Do they not ponder the Qur’an?[4:82]. Again, with the truth of certainty, they see the majesty of the Essence, for Dost thou not see thy Lord? [25:45]. The knowledge of certainty relies on demonstration, the eye of certainty derives from clarity, and the truth of certainty is described by face-to-face vision. The knowledge of certainty belongs to the faithful, the eye of certainty belongs to the prophets, and the truth of certainty belongs to Muṣṭafā. This is why the world’s folk have reported, that he has a face-to-face vision. All the world is the shell, and he is the pearl. All the world is a hanger-on, and he is the goal.

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