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5:48 For every one of you We have appointed an avenue and a method… So vie in good deeds.

The avenue is the Shariah, and the method is the Haqiqah. The avenue is the customs of the Shariah and the method is the road toward the Real. The avenue is what Muṣṭafā brought, and the method is a lamp that the Real holds next to the heart. The avenue is following the Shariah, and the method is finding access to the light of that lamp. The avenue is the message that you heard from Messenger, and the method is the light that you find in the secret core. The Shariah belongs to everyone, and the Haqiqah belongs to some rather than others.

So vie in good deeds. The vying of the renouncers is through rejecting this world, the vying of the worshipers is through cutting off caprice, the vying of the recognizers is through negating wishes, and the vying of the tawḥīd-voicers is through abandoning people and forgetting both this world and the afterworld.

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