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Just as in creating harm, He is one and unique, so also in repelling harm, He is unique and without equal. If all the world’s folk were to gather together, the jinn and mankind holding hands to bring about a pain that is not there, they would not be able to do it; or to remove a pain that is there without God’s wish, they would not find a way.

6:17 And if God touches thee with harm, none can remove it but He.

Know that the wellspring of pain and remedy is one! Recognize that the source of blessing and trial is one! And see that the rising place of unbelief and faith is one! In the circle of togetherness, these have one color, and in the way stations of dispersion, they are multicolored.

6:18 And He is the Severe over His servants.

He breaks the pleasures of the servants, and in Essence and attributes, He is above all the travelers. For the poor, He is the good fortune of the heart and the life of the spirit. He perceives the unperceivable and sees the unseen face-to-face. One breath with the Real in exchange for the two worlds is cheap, one vision of Him for a hundred thousand spirits is gratis, one moment of closeness with Him is sweeter than the spirit. He who is slain in this work is between fire and joy, and he who is unaware of this work is jailed in the prison of mortal nature. O God, the vision of You is close, but at such closeness, the work is too subtle. O God, everyone is upon something, but I don’t know what I’m upon.

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