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The text of the Holy Qur’an contains messages and meanings, of which a part can be elicited from the outward meanings of the words and the other part through rational methods and intuition. Opting for self-coined meaning and imposing the same on the Holy Qur’an is dishonest and cannot be considered the true meanings of the words of the Holy Qur’an. the reader is not free to impose meanings of his own liking on the text. He, therefore, has to seek out the speaker’s meanings and intentions. The text of the Holy Qur’an, being the mirror of divine speech, is, in the ultimate social good analysis, in union with divine knowledge and divine command (which is the origination of the world and its existents) with the former being the locus of the manifestation of the latter because there exists no separation among the divine attributes on the one hand and between them and the divine essence on the other hand.

The Holy Qur’an, therefore, is a mirror of both this material and the other nonmaterial worlds. As a result, a true commentary on the Holy Qur’an must ultimately lead man to a true recognition of the world of being. It is to be noted that Holy Qur’anic hermeneutics are intended to establish relations and connections with the realities of being, i.e., with man, and up to the farthest phenomena of the world, and has in itself ontological dimensions. Authentic religious texts must be explained not only through the outward meanings of their words but also through their other meanings which are only perceivable by the hidden intellectual faculties of man. Therefore, in making use of true hermeneutics with regard to the Holy Qur’an one must not content oneself with the use of outward senses. To be appreciated by the divine speech and book, one has to resort to his own spiritual power.

Understanding and the interpretation of God’s Word or Speech has always been a topic of debate. The Holy Qur’an refers to the ‘word’ as àyat (sign). This sign, which is, of course, meaningful, is comprehensible in the following ways.

Natural indications | such as natural but extraordinary events, including eclipses of the sun and moon, earthquakes, etc.

Human languages | such divine Words, which are called revelation, descend only to those people Who possess the necessary qualifications and potential to receive it.

Speechless expression | in the form of inspiration and direct transmission of concepts to the mind and heart of the addressee.

In this regard, Imàm ‘Alí (‘a), says: “When God wills to bring something into existence, He says to it, “Be, (Kun) so there it is. The word of God is His act, and it is not in the form of “call” or “voice” audible to the physical ear”. This saying of Imàm ‘Alí (‘a) paves the way for our discussion and leads us to its central point. It separates the divine Word not only from the domain of human speech (which demonstrates an arbitrary and commonly agreed means of expression created by the intermingling of the human voice and air) but also from the puns exclusively used in the philosophy of language. It takes the divine Word to the realm of natural phenomena and the phenomenology of divine revelation. As a result, the hermeneutic interpretation of the Holy Qur’an is done mainly within the domain of philosophical rather than traditional hermeneutics.

Existence at this stage is like an object, the image of which is reflected in several mirrors. These mirrors are in fact the aforesaid levels on which the different dimensions of existence stand according to their validity, grades and the degrees of their strength and existence seem to revolve around itself and show a new face on each of these existential levels (i.e. intellectual, imaginal, objective, mental, verbal and written). That is to say, man lives in a world and in an aura full of sense impressions and matter and he possesses the imaginal faculty as well as an imaginal level that is equal to and consistent with imaginal existence.

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