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The Way You Begin

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The end justifies the means. Perhaps, there is another more relevant principle which may be expressed thus: ‘The end justifies the beginning.’ It is the end result that proves whether the beginning was right or wrong.

Many people begin their lives with great enthusiasm. But the latter period of their life has proved that their beginning was not the right one. Their case was a case of miscalculation, rather than one of right calculation.

There are thousands of such examples. Certain individuals start out in life with high hopes, but fail to achieve their goal and then die in a state of frustration. In the beginning, they were hopeful, but in the end, they died in a state of utter hopelessness.

Right here, right now is a principle of life that has gained popularity in the present age. We know a number of persons, both men, and women, who have adopted this principle. Although in the beginning, they were very happy, in the later period of their lives they felt that they had been unsuccessful in achieving their goals. Finally, they fell prey to frustration and died of some fatal disease, and in a state where they had lost all hope and enthusiasm.

Happiness in the present is not the criterion of success. The right criterion is whether a person is able to maintain his happiness and sense of satisfaction right to the end of his life. The value of a tree is gauged by the fruit that it offers when it has reached the stage of full growth. Similarly, the right formula of life is that which can give a person satisfaction till the end of life, and not just for a temporary period.

A tree is known by its fruit, which is the final phase of the tree’s life. Similarly, the pattern of human life will be judged by what it turns out to be in its final days. Never make the mistake of planning for life by taking only immediate gain into consideration. You should always plan by keeping the future in mind.

An individual should first of all discover his own self and then plan accordingly for his life. People generally set their goals out of zeal, but this is certainly not a mature way of making decisions. The better way to decide one’s goal is to understand the realities of life, and then act in accordance with them. Failure to do so is the main reason for people dying in frustration after having set out full of enthusiasm: when they set themselves goals, it was under the influence of emotions, without due consideration. Such a plan does not work for long. It is like a sandcastle that is destined in the long run to fall apart.

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