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The Policy of Mutual Noninterference

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The estimated number of stars in the universe is 100 octillion or 10 to power 29. The number of planets in the universe is around 10 to the power of 24. These numerous stars and planets are constantly on the move in the vast universe. This has been going on for billions of years. For example, the earth is continuously revolving around the sun. Similarly, the other planets constituting the solar system move around the sun in their respective orbits. For billions of years, these celestial bodies have been following their specific paths, without interfering in the motion of or clashing with each other. It is true that several collisions have occurred in the universe. But these phenomena are designed for the sake of evolving and expanding.

These processes are always well-planned and meant to serve a useful purpose. It is the policy of mutual noninterference that has established total peace in the vastness of space. This is the culture of the macro world. The same culture is also in evidence in the micro-world. The atom, a tiny unit of the material world, has within it the same culture. An atom consists of a number of tiny particles, each one of which is constantly on the move. But there is no clash. So, there is the same peace in the micro-world as we see in the macro world. There are about 50 million large and small animal species on the earth. Again there is total peace in the animal world. Animals have also adopted the same culture — that of mutual noninterference. The only difference is that what the material world has adopted under the law of nature, has been adopted by the animal world as a result of its inborn instinct. The same culture — the culture of mutual noninterference is also required in the human world. The culture of mutual noninterference brings peace and peace opens up the door to all opportunities. And by utilizing these opportunities, everyone can achieve his goal. In other words, everyone has the chance to turn his potential into actuality.

This is the law of nature. The policy of mutual noninterference is based on an eternal principle, which is already established in the nonhuman world. It is also a matter of necessity in the human world. This culture will also be adopted by the people of Paradise, as has been stated in the Quran in these words: And God calls to the Home of Peace. (10:25) The policy of mutual noninterference gives every man the scope to live on his own terms without inflicting harm on other fellow human beings. This is the only formula for peace and harmony. Mutual noninterference ensures that every person has an equal opportunity to make progress. This culture has been established throughout the entire universe, the only difference being that, in the nonhuman world, it is in place under the law of nature, while man adopts this culture of his own free will, without any compulsion. Man’s thinking is involved in the choice he makes, therefore, the phenomenon of intellectual development is found only in the human world and not in the nonhuman world.

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