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The Patron of Givers

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In the chapter Al-Rad (The Thunder), the Quran narrates a parable illustrating the law of nature, that only those who prove to be the giver members of society will be able to establish themselves in life. The following is the translation of the verse: “He sends down water from the sky that fills riverbeds to overflowing, each according to its measure. The torrent carries along with swelling foam, akin to what rises from smelted ore from which man makes ornaments and tools. God thus depicts truth and falsehood. The scum is cast away, but whatever is of use to man remains behind. God thus speaks in parables.” (The Quran, 13:17)

In our world, material events symbolize moral realities. According to the law of nature, whatever is required of man is being demonstrated in the rest of the world at the material level, as in the two events of nature which have been described in the Quran. One of the symbols used is that of rainfall, with its water flowing and reaching rivers and streams. At that time, a lot of foam surfaces on it. Another symbol is that of silver and other minerals which when heated to clean them, impurities appear in the shape of foam which, being useless for man, immediately evaporates into space. The main characteristic which emerges is that the water and minerals which are useful to man remain intact.

These are the natural events through which nature shows symbolically the principles it has laid down for the success or failure of life. One principle is that, in this world, only those who prove useful to others will find a place in society. The individual who has lost his capacity to benefit others has no place in this world. The same is true of communities and groups.

The survival of the fittest, as a principle of organic evolution, is controversial but, as a principle of social life, it is quite tenable. Competition and challenge being integral features of every human society, there are inevitably the ongoing processes of acceptance and rejection. It does not matter what you think about yourself. In social terms, you must prove your ability to be a giver, otherwise, you will be rejected by society. Society accepts only those persons or groups who prove to be a healthy part of it. This is an unchangeable law of nature, as described in the above verses of the Quran.

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