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The Messenger Bird and Journey on Waves

The envoys on their return narrated what they had seen in the court of King Solomon

فَفَهَّمناها سُلَيمانَ ۚ وَكُلًّا آتَينا حُكمًا وَعِلمًا ۚ وَسَخَّرنا مَعَ داوودَ الجِبالَ يُسَبِّحنَ وَالطَّيرَ ۚ وَكُنّا فاعِلينَ

We gave its understanding to Solomon, and to each, We gave judgment and knowledge. And We disposed the mountains and the birds to glorify [Us] with David, and We have been the doer [of such things]. (21:79)

He gave Solomon such a tremendous kingdom, but He did not count it as a favor. Rather, He showed him its insignificance when He said, “This is Our gift, so bestow” [38:39], that is, “Give it to whomsoever you want because of its insignificance and meanness.” When He reached knowledge and understanding, He declared its eminence and counted it a favor toward him: “So We made Solomon understands this.” The knowledge of understanding is beyond the knowledge of commentary and interpretation.

Commentary comes through teaching and instruction, interpretation comes through right guidance and success-giving, and understanding without intermediary comes through Lordly inspiration. Commentary without a master is useless, interpretation without exertion is incorrect, and the possessor of understanding has no teacher other than the Real. Commentary and interpretation come through knowledge and striving, and understanding comes through finding and being pulled.

Ḥasan Baṣrī said, “I asked Ḥuzaifa Yamān about knowledge of inwardness,” that is, understanding.

“Ḥuzaifa said that he asked God’s Messenger, who said, ‘a knowledge between God and His friends, of which no proximate angel or any of His creatures is aware.’”

Inspiration, whether it is due to hearing or seeing something, is always from God. The knowledge descends upon prophets through Revelation (Wahi). Any thought coming into our mind from God is the Knowledge granted by God.

Various scientific inventions and discoveries like Airplane, Computers, Television, Telephones, etc. were made possible only when God inspired people with the knowledge of novel inventions and innovations because the existence of anything is not possible without Knowledge. One finds, what one seeks. It bears no significance for God whether one acknowledges God or not.

Have a Story

The story of King Solomon and the queen of Sheba as stated in the holy books and scriptures also tell us about the intelligence of a bird. In the grand court of King Solomon jinns and animals besides men, were present according to ranks and order, to carry out any assignment entrusted to them. Once when the court of King Solomon was held in all its grandeur, Solomon noticing the absence of the Hoopoe, said, “Why is it, I see not the hoopoe? or is he among the absentees? I will certainly punish him with a severe penalty or execute him unless he comes up with the clear reason for his absence”.

The hoopoe tarried not long, he came up and in reply to the inquiry of King Solomon submitted, “I have come up with such information which will certainly he not in your knowledge, that is, in Yemen, there is a Queen of Sheba. God has provided her with every requisite and she has a magnificent throne. The Queen and her subject practice the worship of the sun. Satan has misled them and they do not worship the One and Only God”. King Solomon said, “Soon shall we see whether you have told the truth or lied.

Take this letter of mine and deliver it to them and see what they have to say about it”.

When hoopoe dropped the letter before the Queen, she was leaving for sun-worshipping. The queen studied the contents of the letter and said to her courtiers. “Here is a letter delivered to me, it is from Solomon and reads,” In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Be ye not arrogant against me, but come to me in submission to the True God. “She said, after reading out the letter, “Ye chiefs advise me in this regard, no affair have I decided without your consultation. They replied, “There is no need to be afraid as we are endued with strength and given to vehement war but the command is yours, so consider what you decide” The queen expressed, “keeping in view, the way this letter is delivered to us, we should take a considered step in this regard and I would like to send an emissary to Solomon with gifts and presents”. When the envoys of Queen of Sheeba reached Solomon he said, “Take these presents back and tell your Queen if she did not acknowledge my message, I shall come to Sheeba with a great army and they will never be able to defend themselves”.

The envoys on their return narrated what they had seen in the court of King Solomon and told her that Solomon is not only a ruler of men but Jinns and animals are also ruled and governed by him. The Queen after hearing all this decided to submit and started for King Solomon. Solomon learning about her decision said to his courtiers “I want, that before the Queen could reach here, her royal throne be present in this Court”.

A giant jinn said, “I can bring it here before the court is adjourned by you”. A man who possessed the knowledge of the Holy Book, on hearing this, said, “I’ll bring it here before you could wink your eye”. And Solomon turned and saw the throne of the Queen present in the court. He ordered, transform this throne out of recognitions by her, let us see whether she is guided to the truth or not. So, when after some time Queen reached there, she was asked, “Is your throne like this?” The wise queen replied, “It appears to be the same” and added, “We had the idea of your unmatched power and it was so that I am here in submission and now this splendid event of the throne is yet another demonstration of your unprecedented power and an eye-opener for us and I, once again express my submission to you.

Solomon took her to his palace, constructed magnificently by men and jinn engineers. It was unique in its loftiness, grandeur, and marvelous decoration with gems. There was a water pole right at the entrance of the palace covered with transparent tiles of quartz which illusion the eyes and one would take it as water flowing on the floor. When the queen was led to the palace for her stay over there, she found water flowing on the floor, finding no other way to enter. Solomon informed her, “This is only a paved passage, smooth with slabs of glass”. This was enough to open her eyes in bewilderment It was a smashing blow upon her false dignity, vanity, and pride, she felt humble and said admitting her fault, “0, my Lord, I have indeed wronged my soul, I do now submit with Solomon to the One Lord of the worlds”. These are the few examples, out of thousands, to establish comprehensively that besides man, other creatures; the birds, quadrupeds, beasts, insects, and jinns, all have intellect and consciousness.

This law should be remembered with great consideration that most of the thoughts coming to our minds are not related to our affairs. They belong to the nearby and far away creatures which exist somewhere in the universe. The concepts belonging to those creatures come to us through waves and when we try to establish a link between these thoughts with our life, we simply fail. Few things are worth considering regarding the waves of Ego. According to scientists, light is the only thing that has the maximum velocity but it is not that swift and nimble that it could eliminate the distances of Time and Space. But the Waves of the Ego (thoughts) are present everywhere in the Boundlessness simultaneously gripping the distances of Time and Space in their clutches.

In other words, Time and Space distances do not exist for these waves. The distance which the light waves have to cover up, the existence of that distance is not at all acknowledged by these waves.

Silent Conversation

Human beings are conversant with the act of articulation from the very beginning. In talking, the sound waves with predetermined meanings, convey the information to the listeners. This method is a duplication of that communication style that takes place between the waves of Ego. It is a common observation that a dumb person conveys everything with a slight movement of his lips and those who are versed with lip-reading understand everything, which he desires to convey. This too is a replica of the same method. Animals convey their feelings to their fellows without producing any sound. In this case, too, the waves of Ego are operative. Trees also converse and communicate with one another regardless of the distance existing between them. This conversation not only takes place amongst the nearby trees, but the trees at far-off distances also take part in it. The same law is valid for the minerals as well Stones, pebbles, and dust particles also negotiate with one another exactly in the same style.

Single Unconscious

Many events of people with spiritual powers, prophets are evident that only one and the same Unconscious is actively functioning in the whole universe. Every wave of The Seen and The Unseen understands the meanings of the other thought, even if they are located at the opposite poles of the universe. Understanding the significance and meaningfulness of the Seen and the Unseen is the life essence of the universe. We, with a considered contemplation about this life essence, which is our own life essence as well, can explore the conditions and situations of other planets besides the other planets. We can discover the thoughts of man and animals, can acquaint ourselves with the activities of angels and jinns, and know the internal stimuli of plants and minerals. Continuous concentration transmutes the mind into Cosmic Unconscious and the artificial self-adopted shell of our personality is emancipated from the clutches of Ego and begins to observe and understand anything required and preserves it in the conscious”.

Birds and Waves together made us learn

  • Revision of fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Indices, standard form and engineering notation
  • Binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers
  • Calculations and evaluation of formulae
  • Algebra
  • Partial fractions
  • Transposition of formulae
  • Solving simultaneous equations
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • Inequalities
  • Logarithms
  • Exponential functions
  • Number sequences
  • The binomial series
  • Trigonometric waveforms
  • Cartesian and polar co-ordinates
  • Trigonometric identities and equations
  • Compound angles
  • Methods of adding alternating waveforms
  • Mean, median, mode and standard deviation
  • Probability
  • The binomial and Poisson distribution

By day they seek the road, by night they speak of the mysteries.”

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