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The Human Class

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If from a vessel containing water a single drop is found to be brackish, it means that all of the liquid is undrinkable. We need to sample only one drop to know with certainty what the rest will be like. Much the same is true of the human personality. It is like an overbrimming vessel that keeps on shedding drops for other people to savor, to find sweet or brackish as the case may be. Small instances of an individual’s behavior and quite short interludes in his company are generally sufficient to tell us what his overall personality is like – unless we are dealing with the greatest of dissemblers! A thoughtless remark, an unfair maneuver, a failure to give much-needed sympathy or support, a devious transaction­-all these are the plain indicators, like those brackish drops of water from the larger vessel, which indicate the lack of integrity or callousness of the person you are dealing with.

The human personality has the same homogeneity as water. A single human weakness cannot, therefore, be considered in isolation, as if it were an exception. It has to be looked upon as being representative of the entire personality. If an individual proves unreliable in one matter, he is likely to evince the same unreliability in other matters; if he is guilty of untrustworthiness on one occasion, the chances are that this trait will show up time and time again. There is only one kind of person who is an exception to that rule, and that is the one who subjects his own behavior to constant re-appraisal, who is continually scrutinizing himself for weaknesses and faults and who, once having found such faults, wastes no time in rooting them out.

A man who has made a mistake can completely erase the marks of what is an unfortunate experience for others by admitting his mistake and begging forgiveness. Some people are pricked by their consciences but do nothing to assuage the ruffled feelings of others, thinking that to do so would be sheer weakness and would mean a loss of face. Such people can never have healthy social relationships and can never win the respect of their fellow men. They do not realize that a man displays his true mettle when he sees his own wrong actions for what they are, and humbly asks forgiveness.

It is only he who has learned the art of moral introspection who will, in the long run, prove himself a person of inviolable integrity.

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