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The Evolving Reality

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The problem comes from ignorance of the evolving reality. Exploring reality through discovering relations and dimensions, in reality, is a fundamental approach to recognizing reality. Human-machine-nature symbiosis is a complex link that coordinates the evolving cyberspace, physical space, and social space to emerge a Cyber-Physical-Social Intelligence, and it also represents the philosophical thought of generating and developing knowledge through harmoniously developing humans, machines, and nature.

Need of Hour

Learning theories are not limited to psychology and related fields of interest but rather we can find the topic of learning in various disciplines, such as philosophy and epistemology, education, information science, biology, and – as a result of the emergence of computer technologies – especially also in the field of computer sciences and artificial intelligence. As the learning sciences became more specialized and complex, the various fields of interest were widely spread and separated from each other; as a consequence, even presently, there is no comprehensive overview of the sciences of learning or the central theoretical concepts and vocabulary on which researchers rely.  

The Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning should be there to provides an up-to-date, broad, and authoritative coverage of the specific terms mostly used in the sciences of learning and its related fields, including relevant areas of instruction, pedagogy, cognitive sciences, and especially machine learning and knowledge engineering. This modern compendium should be an indispensable source of information for scientists, educators, engineers, and technical staff active in all fields of learning. More specifically, the Encyclopedia provides fast access to the most relevant theoretical terms provides up-to-date, broad, and authoritative coverage of the most important theories within the various fields of the learning sciences and adjacent sciences and communication technologies; supplies clear and precise explanations of the theoretical terms, cross-references to related entries and up-to-date references to important research and publications. The Encyclopedia should also contain biographical entries of individuals who have substantially contributed to the sciences of learning; the entries are written by a distinguished panel of researchers in the various fields of the learning sciences.

21st Century – The Charged Earth

The advent of electronic communication, and in particular online communities, have created social networks of hitherto unimaginable sizes. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of this unique field, the essential contributions of diverse disciplines, from computer science, mathematics, and statistics to sociology and behavioral science, are described among the 300 authoritative yet highly readable entries. Students will find a world of information and insight behind the familiar façade of the social networks in which they participate. Researchers and practitioners will benefit from a comprehensive perspective on the methodologies for the analysis of constructed networks, and the data mining and machine learning techniques that have proved attractive for sophisticated knowledge discovery in complex applications. Also addressed is the application of social network methodologies to other domains, such as web networks and biological networks.

Hence, we started to talk about Social intelligence design in ambient intelligence that weaves itself into the fabric of everyday life. The fabric of future everyday life includes what we now see around us: other people, animals, furniture, clothes, walls, and devices that support us and our children in our daily home, recreational, office, and mobile activities. In this fabric, we will have intelligent sensors that detect what we are doing, share knowledge amongst them, and interpret what is going on. In addition to this ‘invisible’ intelligence embedded in the environment, we will have human-like robots and also virtual humans displayed in virtual and mixed reality environments that interact with their human partners in human-like ways.

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