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The Conscious And Unconscious Mind Power

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The human mind is divided into two parts: the conscious and the unconscious. These are integral parts of every individual mind, whether male or female. The conscious mind is that part of the mind which deals with everything that is within the realm of our awareness, whereas the unconscious mind deals with all those thoughts which the individual is unaware of but which nevertheless influence his behavior.

The human body is a highly complex organism. In it, there are numerous functions at play at all times, such as seeing, hearing, digestion, respiration, and different kinds of movements. Almost all these functions are governed by the unconscious mind. Little effort is required on the part of the conscious mind for all these bodily activities to function smoothly.

The conscious mind, with its unlimited capacity for thinking and analyzing facts, is an exceptionally important part of our personality. But if, according to the divine plan of creation, so much is placed in the charge of the unconscious mind, what is the role of the conscious mind? The conscious mind is free to involve itself largely in the great quest for truth, the prime goal of every human being.

Truth is the reality of life. We must try to know the secret of life, the purpose, the real goal of life, to know what is right or wrong, what is good for the individual, and what is good for society.

The answers to these questions are not written on a mountainside. It is our duty to discover all these things in order to gain knowledge of the truth. Since knowing the truth is so important, the Creator has consigned our bodily affairs to the unconscious mind. Now, a person, or his conscious mind, is completely free to discover all these truths of life.

Often, people live in a state of frustration. Tension and stress are the greatest psychological diseases in our present world. The reason lies in people’s failure to find the truth.

Everyone is a seeker by nature, but everyone lives his life without knowing its real purpose. As a result of the ensuing sense of aimlessness, people live in a state of confusion, full of contradictions. They yearn to find something without knowing what it is. A tension-free mind is one that can function positively despite contrariety. People work but find no job satisfaction. They earn money but experience no inner satisfaction. They live by the formula: enjoy life! But they don’t know what real enjoyment is. It is a paradoxical situation. Everyone is living in this state of self-contradiction.

This is a self-created problem. When the Creator has given you a mind and made you free to use your mind, you should make use of this opportunity. Activate your thinking capacity. Discover reality. Read what is hidden in nature in an unwritten form. This is the only way to extract yourself from this psychological chaos.

The consciousness of truth is interwoven in your nature; it is very easy, therefore, to discover the truth. The only condition is to shun distraction, to follow the well-known principle of simple living and high thinking. If you want to save yourself from going astray, activate your thinking faculty. Think! You will surely reach the gates of truth.

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