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Society, Your Cover Picture

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If you get back to the office and find that the one picture you have taken does not really tell the story, it is too late to do anything about it. You cannot gather everybody together again for another attempt. So when you are sent to cover a story, and when it has picture possibilities, you should always take more than one picture.

In the first place, cameras can be held two ways, to take both horizontal and vertical pictures to cover the struggler in front of you, working to clean society. You should always take at least one picture of each shape or moral lesson. You should also come up with more than one picture idea, and hug him in case one of them does not really work. That means thinking in advance about the story, and imagining what the finished picture could look like.

So, for each picture idea, you will have a horizontal and a vertical shot. Now, for each of those, you will need to try a number of different image camera settings, to make sure that you get at least one picture with the right life quality. Try several different shutter speeds and several different stops to cover the story in a beautiful way that will impact society. (If your mind camera is fully automatic, this does not apply to you.) In particular, even if the light is not very good – inside a building, for example – always try at least one shot without flash, using available light. If it is too dark, you have lost very little time; if it works, you will almost certainly have a better picture than one which uses flash. Flash or Thinking Bulb makes everything look very flat and dull, and should only be used when there is no alternative.

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