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Options of Living

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In the present world, there are many people who have become habituated to a number of addictions like alcohol, tobacco, and psychotropic drugs. It is well known that these habits are very bad for health; yet, people are unable to give up these habits that eventually become addictions.

We studied several people to understand why they live in frustration and pain. There is no real reason for this, except for having unrealistic goals. As people grow older and are looking for a job, they often fail, because of their own ambition, and their inability to distinguish between what is realistic and what is unrealistic in the job situation. A realistic job is always doable; an unrealistic job is quite the reverse. When they take up an unrealistic job and find, throughout the rest of their lives, that its targets are never achievable, they live in a state of perpetual anxiety. Faced with the demands of day-to-day life, neither are they able to leave their jobs nor be comfortable at their jobs. The result is frustration.

There is a way out | Adopt a unique formula, aspiring for more and settling for less. One is ambitious by nature and therefore feels compelled to aim for unachievable goals. At the same time, one should reason and become aware of his inherent weaknesses and accept the fact that no one has the power to achieve all the things that he ideally wants to. Therefore, a successful person is one who adopts the formula of desiring more but remaining satisfied with less.

If you are living content, then you will be happy. But if you are discontented with what you have achieved, you are bound to live in a state of unhappiness. If you become aware of this fact, you will easily be able to fulfill your ambitions and instantly achieve happiness. Happiness is an internal phenomenon; it is not an external achievement.

In other words, it means that in this world, there are always several options and if one option does not work, one should take another and try it out. Of course, it is not as easy as it sounds, especially for the less privileged, but the right attitude may help one deal better with life’s challenges.

This is the story of all human beings. Every person should realize that the world in which he has to lead his life, is full of options. All one needs to do is refuse to succumb to despair and instantly embark on an alternative option even if that option was never your first choice. In this world, that is the secret of success. Don’t give up, just try something new and look ahead with hope.

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