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7:20 Then Satan whispered to them to show them their shameful parts that were hidden from them.

This also is a mark of solicitude and proof of generosity, for they sinned, but He turned it over to Satan’s whispering. Then He increased the solicitude. He said, “to show them their shameful parts that were hidden from them.” He said: “He made their pudenda appear to them, but not to others.”

They say that afterward, Adam and Iblis met. Adam said, “You wretch! Do you know what you did to me and what dust you stirred up in my road?”

Iblis said, “O Adam, I take it that I took you from the road. Tell me then, who took me from the road?”

They also say that both of them turned away from the command, but there is a difference between the two. Adam slipped because of appetite, and Iblis slipped because of pride. Being prideful is worse than satisfying appetite. When a sin arises from appetite, there is room for pardon.

When a sin arises from pride, faith gets lost in it. The report has come, “Magnificence is My cloak and tremendousness My shawl—if anyone contends with Me in either, I will smash him.”

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