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5:0 In the name of God, the All-Merciful, the Ever-Merciful.

This is the name of the majestic whose majesty is His magnificence, whose magnificence is His brilliance, whose splendor is His exaltedness, whose being is His Essence, whose beginninglessness is His endlessness, and whose eternity is His everlastingness. He is tremendous in His dominion, king in His all-compellingness, the supervisor who is self-sufficient in essence, the unique who is everlasting in an attribute.

This is the name of a lord who is similar to nothing and no one and who is held back by no work at any time. He nurtures enemies and caresses friends, He conceals defects and takes care of things. Mentioning Him is the tongue’s celebration, seeing Him is the spirit’s life, finding Him is everlasting joy. He is a king without an army, standing firm without witness, aware of the hidden, shelter of the distressed. He is a Lord who is near to knowledge and far from imagination. The seeker of Him is slain though alive, and finding Him is the resurrection without the Trumpet. Thus the seeker is not cheated, and the wage-earner is not excused. The seeker is in the whirlpool of longing, and the finder is bewildered in the waves of light.

“O God, everyone laments at bewilderment, but I am joyful in bewilderment. With one ‘here I am,’ I have opened the door of all disappointment to myself. Alas, those days when I did not know enough to reach for your gentleness! O God, like a moth to a lamp I cling to the fire of bewilderment, its spirit not feeling the suffering of its heat, nor my heart the pain of the burning brand. O God, I have water in my head and fire in my heart, joy on the inside, and want on the outside. I am sitting in an ocean that has no shore, my spirit in a pain that has no cure, my eyes fell on what the tongue cannot describe.”

The antagonists say, “These words are not fitting.”

It’s not the sun’s sin if someone is blind.

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