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26:217 And trust in the Exalted, the Ever-Merciful!

“Sever yourself from all but Us! Seek protection with Us! Take Us as the means of approach to Us!”

“O Muḥammad, O unique pearl! I brought you out from the depths of the ocean of power and displayed you to the world’s folk so that the whole world would take on the color of your being’s beauty. I created all for your sake, and I created you for My sake. Support yourself with Me and entrust yourself totally to Me. O Muḥammad, Adam was still between caresses and harshness when I inscribed gentleness in your heart and, with the hand of generosity, poured the honest warmth to taste. I lifted up the curtain between Myself and you for highest appreciation.”

26:218-19 Who sees thee when thou standest and when thou movest about among those who prostrate themselves.

“I see My friends constantly, and nothing of them is veiled from Me. Were something to be veiled, they would not stay alive.”

Know that the body lives by serving Him, the heart lives by gazing on Him, and the spirit lives by loving Him. The body that does not live by serving Him is idle, the heart that does not live by gazing on Him is carrion, the spirit that does not live by loving Him is captive to death.

Who is the heart that it should scatter pearls without You?

What is the body that it should run a kingdom without You?

By God, intelligence does not know the way without You,

the spirit has not the gall to stay without You!

Who sees thee when thou standest and when thou movest about among those who prostrate themselves. With this verse, He severed him from the witnessing of creation, for when someone knows that he is witnessed by the Real, he looks to the details of his own states and his hidden affairs with the Real. The toil of the compact of the acts of worship becomes easy for him because He has reported that He sees him. There is no hardship for him who knows he is seen by his Patron. In the report has come, “Worship God as if you see Him, for even if you do not see Him, He sees you.”

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