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The Divine Representative is needed not merely for the dissemination of the rules of the Shariah and their compliance. That is, his duty is not confined only to the guidance of the world but the whole creation depends upon him for their existence. If The Divine Representative ceases to exist, the entire system would collapse. It is related, “If Divine representative is absent from the world even for a moment, the earth would suck in all its inhabitants like the stormy sea drowns the seafarers.”

The Commander of The Faithful, Ali Bin Abi Talib (Upon Whom Be Peace) has compared man to the ‘Greatest Creation’. The oft-heard couplet is as follows.

“Do you think that you are an insignificant speck whereas a great world is concealed in you?”

The precision of Couplet by Listeners

Man’s heart is the central point of the human body. Not a single organ is independent of it. Till the heart remains healthy, the body will be in order. However emaciated the latter may get, if the heart is alive, it will continue to radiate the warmth of life throughout. If God forbid, a calamity befalls the heart or if it ceases to function or is detached from the body, it is reduced to a corpse.

A remarkable fact is that even though the heart is the source of life for the body, it cannot be seen and remains concealed. But the living body is a surety that the heart exists. And. the heart derives its life from the soul which in turn is a divine affair.

The existence of The Divine Representative in this vast world is having the same position as the soul and the heart. As the body’s movement is proof of the presence of the heart and the soul.

Another matter that becomes clear is that the benefit of The Divine Representative of Time is not dependent upon his being apparent or visible. Whatever strength and power the corporeal body possesses is due to the soul. All the organs of the human body are subservient to its commands. These parts cannot dare to overlook even the smallest injunction of the soul. These points have been mentioned in the Old Testaments.

God has created the world in such a way that every lowly object is made for a lofty thing. It could be explained in a better way by stating that every – deficient object is created for a perfect one. If the perfect creation had not been under consideration, the creation of the imperfect objects would have been of no use. The following example shall fully expound on the concept. The life in the womb is a prelude to the life of this world, if terrestrial life had not been intended, the life within the womb would have been purposeless. Therefore, the organs and the capacity that were given were not of use inside the womb but rather for the life on earth. Thus the pre-natal life is the prelude to the life after birth. Life on the earth is more complete than that in the womb.

In the same way, life on this earth is a prelude to the hereafter, where there is only life and every sort of perfection. If there had been no belief in the life of the hereafter, this terrestrial sojourn have been mentioned as “futile”, in the Holy Qur’an. The existence of life after death has made this life purposeful. If we observe the different creations, we arrive at the same conclusion.

Each of the lower classes of creatures provides proof of the existence of a higher one. Here, we notice that everything is moving towards perfection. The lifeless world of inorganic matter was made purposeful by the vegetable kingdom. The stagnant vegetative world is gifted a meaningful existence by the moving animals. The irrational creatures are made useful by the rational man. Man is made to be purposeful due to the existence of The Divine Representative.

The cure of a person to ailment is within him but he does not know, and pain is also from him but he does not see. Indeed, man is sensible with the sensible world; and he is angelic with the angelic world and he is in angelic power with the angelic and sovereign powers. This power rests only with those who incorporate various dimensions within them. A person should seek from himself what he is actually looking for since he is the compendium (of the universe). Evident History provides proof that a perfect man is called a “book” that is always rightly pointed while in spiritual notations “book” has been used to represent “God’s Special Man” amongst Divine Saints and Noble Men of God. The human face is the greatest of divine proofs for God’s creatures. In whom, God wrote that “book” with His (mighty) Hand, and constructed its structure with His own Wisdom.

The Household of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Them)

They are The Divine Representatives. They are the trustees of God’s Secrets, Shelter for His Affairs, Source of Knowledge about Him, Centre of His Wisdom, Valleys for His Books, and Mountains of His Religion. With them, God straightened the bend of religion’s back and removed the trembling of its limbs.

None in the Islamic community can be taken at par with the Purified Progeny of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Them). One who was under their obligation cannot be matched with them. They are the foundation of Religion and Pillars of Belief. The forward runner has to turn back to them while the follower has to wisely follow them. They possess chief characteristics for vicegerency. In their favor, exists the will and succession (of the Prophet and God).

Through them, communities and affairs of the universe got guidance in the darkness and secured high positions, and through them, people got out of the gloomy dark night. The ears which do not listen to the cries may become deaf. How can one who remained deaf to the loud cries (of the Qur’an and Prophet) listen to silent feeble voices? The heart that has ever palpitated (with fear of God) may get peace.

The most balanced and correct of mirrors is Muhammad’s mirror, so God’s self-disclosure within it is more perfect than any other self-disclosure there may be. You should struggle to gaze on the Self-disclosing Real in the mirror of Muhammad so that he may be imprinted in your mirror.

About Hypocrites | They sowed vices, watered them with deception, and harvested destruction. Always apprehended from consequences of treachery and had been seen through in the garb of the deceitful. The curtain of religion had kept righteous people hidden from disobedient societies and the truth of intention disclosed disobedient societies in front of righteous people.

O People! Steer clear through the waves of mischief by boats of deliverance, turn away from the path of dissension, and put off the crowns of pride. Prosperous is one who rises with wings (i.e. when he has power) or else he remains peaceful and others enjoy ease. One who plucks fruits before ripening is like one who is cultivated in another’s field.

Wise Closure

Narrated by Abu Umama, The Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “God, Ever Mighty and Majestic is He, says “Among My Friends, the one to be envied most, in My eyes, is the believer who has but little means and whose fortune is prayer, who worship His Lord in the best of modes, obeying Him in secret and in public. He is unnoticed among men, they do not point him out with their fingers. His livelihood is just sufficient, and he accepts that with patience.”

Then, the Messenger snapped his own fingers and said, “His death is hastened, his mourners few, his estate of little worth.”

By God, History witnessed that the son of Abu Talib (Peace Be Upon Both) is more familiar with death than an infant to his mother. If he opens the hidden knowledge in his life, everything may start trembling like ropes in deep wells. The Household of Prophet (Peace Be Upon Them) does not threaten the enemy before battle, nor utter boasts, nor terrorize the enemy by raising unnecessary cries because it is not the way of the brave to use the tongue instead of the hand. Hence, they “Most True; whose words are Holy Promises” delicate their belief in God and align their royalties towards Him.

Messenger of God said, “Fear God, and promote peace and reconciliation amongst yourselves, for surely God shall establish peace among the faithful on the Day of Resurrection.”

When you Remember God, You will be Grateful to Him, When you Forget God, You will be Unfaithful to Him.  The Hand of God is full, its fullness is not diminished by constant provisions, flowing night and day. He has provided since the Creation of Heavens and Earth. His Hand is the Balance.

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