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6:95 Surely God is the splitter apart of the grain and the date-stone.

He splits open the seeds of food so that plants will come out and be suited for nourishment. In the same way, He splits open the seed of the heart so that the jewel of self-purification, within which is the servant’s deliverance, will show its face. The former becomes the cause of the abidance of the servant’s soul, and the latter the cause of the firm fixity of the servant’s faith. He Himself nurtures both and provides daily provision to both. He nurtures the heart with witnessing Him, and He nurtures the soul with His blessings. Then He makes the soul the steed of the heart. It rides upon it in the playing field of worship and makes it pass over the way stations of the acts of worship, arriving at the goal of Surely the final end is unto your Lord [53:42]. This is the day of triumph, endless felicity, and boundless good fortune, risen up gratis for the servant—the fragrant herb of boasting sprung from the thorn of poverty, and the dawn of happiness risen from the horizon of freedom.

6:96 Splitter apart of the dawn; and He has made the night as a stillness.

If He brightens the regions of the world with the morning of being, what wonder is it that He should brighten the secret regions of the heart with the morning of recognition! One of the pirs of the Tariqah said, “Splitter apart of the dawn means that He splits open the hearts with the explanation of the lights of unseen things and He illuminates the secret cores with the remembrance of the good things and the repose of the reports.”

6:98 He it is who has configured you from one soul.

By way of allusion, He is saying, “I created you from Adam, that unique soul, and among all the created things, I gave no one else the good fortune I gave to him and the rank and level I appointed for him.” He called Himself, “the most beautiful of creators” [23:14], and He said of Adam, “in the most beautiful stature” [95:4]. In other words, God is the most beautiful of creators, and Adam is the most beautiful of creatures. “O Adam, in creativity, I am unique, and among the creatures you are unique.” This is the same that is brought in one of the reports concerning the attribute of Adam’s creation: The Exalted Lord said, “I loved something, so I created it solitary for the Solitary.”

6:99 And He it is who sent down out of heaven water, by which We bring forth the growth of everything… Gaze at their fruits when they fructify and ripen. Surely in these are signs for a people who have faith.

He alludes to the Essence of the Unity, who alludes to the attributes of the Lordhood, sent down alludes to the artisanry of the Divinity. He is a Lord who is existent by Essence, described by attributes, and recognized through artifacts and signs. It has also been said that He alludes to what is beyond being so that the listener will give ear to it, the seeker will find access to it, and the gazer will look to it. Who alludes to being, so that the listener will become familiar, the seeker will come to see, and the wanter will come to know.

He it comes in the Qur’an thirty-nine times, twenty with and, and nineteen without. Sent down out of heaven water until the end of the verse—all these are marks that the Creator is one and has no peer in Godhood. He is without contrivance in power, without changing of state in self-standing, secure from ceasing in kingship, transcendent in Essence and description. The Lord of the Worlds is calling the servants to this tawḥīd. Do you not see that at the end of the verse He says “Gaze”? Look carefully so that you may know, and know so that you may perceive! Here He speaks of gazing. Elsewhere He says, “None will remember but those who are penitent” [40:13]: No one will gaze, accept and recognize the reminder except the one whose heart is right with the Real and who gazes upon Him before his eyes. This is the allusion at the end of the verse: “Surely in that are signs for a people who have faith.” The ones who find access to the signs of power are those who have faith in the signs of the attributes, the ones who have shame before God are those who are aware of His gaze, and the ones who will fear God are those who know that God is powerful over them.

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