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In terms of allusion, this sun is the sun of success-giving, which shines from the constellation of solicitude on the servant’s bodily parts so that they will be adorned with service and obedience. The moon alludes to the light of tawḥīd and the brightness of recognition in the heart of the recognizer, for with this light he takes the road to the Recognized. The Pir of the Tariqah said, “O God, the recognizer knows You with Your light, not with the ray of worship’s light. He burns in the fire of love and does not turn back from joy.”

10:5 He it is Who made the sun radiance and the moon light.

10:7-8 Surely those who do not hope for Our encounter, are content with the life of this world and at rest with it, and those who are heedless of Our signs, it is they whose refuge will be the Fire for what they were earning.

The unbelievers do not hope for the vision of the Real, for they deny it. Inescapably they will never reach it. The faithful have faith in the vision of the Real and hope that they will reach it. Inescapably they will reach it. This is the same as what Muṣṭafā said: “When someone hears of the Real’s generosity”—that is, he hears a report that the Real is generous toward the servant and will caress him with the vision of Him—“but does not accept the report and does not have faith in the vision, he will never reach that generosity.”

It has been said that they do not hope to see the Real because they have not yearned, they do not yearn because they have not loved, they do not love because they have not recognized, they do not recognize because they have not sought, and they do not seek because the Real has not brought them into seeking and has shut the door of seeking. So, all is from God and according to His desire and will. God says, “Surely the final end is unto thy Lord” [53:42].

Had He desired that they seek Him, they would have sought Him. Had they sought, they would have recognized. Had they recognized, they would have loved. Had they loved, they would have yearned. Had they yearned for Him, they would have hoped for His encounter. Had they hoped for His encounter, they would have seen Him. God says, “And had We willed, We would have given every soul its guidance” [32:13]. As for those who do not hope for His encounter, their home will be chastisement and separation. This declaration shows that the final goal of those who hope for His encounter is union, encounter, and nearness.

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