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7:31 O children of Adam! Put on your adornment at every place of prostration.

In the tongue of learning, this is the curtaining of the pudendum during the prayer. In the tongue of unveiling, the adornment of every servant is in the station of contemplating the heart’s presence, clinging to the Presence, and the continuity of witnessing the Haqiqah. It has been said that the adornment of the worshiper’s soul is the traces of prostration, and the adornment of the recognizer’s heart is the lights of finding. The worshiper has the attribute of servanthood in the prostration, and the recognizer is on the carpet of proximity in the repose of witnessing.

7:32 Say: “Who has forbidden the adornment of God?”

The adornment of the tongue is remembrance, and the adornment of the heart is reflection. Everything has an ornament. The ornament of the soul is beautiful practice along with the attribute of struggle. The ornament of the heart is continuity of union at the moment of contemplation. The ornament of the secret core is the realities of proximity in the field of face-to-face vision. What the Exalted Lord said—“Who has forbidden the adornment of God?”—alludes to the fact that these adornments are not kept back from the seekers and are not withheld from those whose hearts are present. The treasure-house of blessings is full of blessings—it needs seekers. The table of gentleness and mercy is set and ready—it needs eaters.

Whispered prayer: “O seekers, hurry, for the hard cash is near! O night-travelers, sleep not, for the morning is near! O hurriers, be happy, for the abode is near! O thirsty ones, be patient, for the spring is near! O strangers, be joyful, for the master of hospitality is near! O seekers of the Friend, be glad, for response is near! O Opener of my heart! What harm if You were to open my heart and place Your balm on my spirit? How can I search for gain when my hands are empty of capital? What if You threw me into good fortune with Your bounty?”

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