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14:2 God is He to whom belongs everything in the heavens and everything in the earth.

Wāsiṭī said, “The realm of being all belongs to Him. When someone seeks the realm of being, He is the Being-Bestower. When someone seeks the Real, he will find that He has subjected the realm of being to him along with everything within it.”

Whenever someone gives himself over to the Being-Bestower and his heart busies itself with His companionship, the engendered beings, and the newly arrived things will busy themselves entirely with serving him.

He is saying, “My servant, the seven heavens, the seven earths, and all that is within them are My property and kingdom. All are My servants and servitors. If you bind your waist in loyalty to My covenant and, like serving-boys, bring your head into the collar of obedience, We will put the ring of serving you in the ear of all things and subject them to you. If you turn your head away from the circle of the command or busy your heart with others, We will set them all on their feet in antagonism toward you and We will make your standing place your prison.

One day Solomon the prophet, with his high level and rank, was sitting on the throne of the kingdom. The carpet of the realm was spread and the jinn, mankind, and birds were lined up in ranks. He placed the crown of messenger hood on the head of his prophethood, and it occurred to his mind that today no one surpassed David’s son in rank and elevation. Immediately the wind was commanded to take away the mantle from his head. Solomon’s face darkened and he said to the wind in his anger, “Return my mantle to me!” The wind answered, “‘Return to your heart!’ O Solomon, bring your heart back to yourself so that I may bring your mantle back to you.”

14:5 And We sent Moses with our signs: “Bring thy people out from the darknesses into the light and remind them of the days of God.”

“O My Muḥammad! I commanded Moses exactly as I command you. I said to all: ‘Light up the lamp of the invitation, call people from the darknesses of doubt to the light of certainty, bring them from the shadow of ignorance to the brightness of knowledge, leave aside self-governance, see the Real’s predetermination, do not set down or approve of innovation, and follow the path of the Sunnah and the congregation.’”

Remind them of the days of God. These are the days when the servants were in the concealment of nonexistence and the Real was saying with beginningless speech, “My servants!” “O Muḥammad, remind them of the days when you were not and I was there for you. Without you, I took care of your work. I bound the compact of love and I wrote mercy against myself: Your Lord has written mercy against Himself [6:54].’”

Whispered prayer: “O God, where will I find again the day when You belonged to me and I was not? Until I reach that day again, I will be in the midst of fire and smoke. If I find that day again in the two worlds, I will profit. If I find Your Being for myself, I will be pleased with my own nonbeing.

“O God, where was I when You called me? I am not I when You remain for me.

“O God, when You call someone, do not make manifest the offenses that You have concealed!

“O God, You lifted us up and no one said, ‘Lift up!’ Now that You have lifted up, don’t put down! Keep us in the shadow of Your gentleness! Entrust us to none but Your bounty and mercy!”

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