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6:42 Indeed We sent to nations before thee, and We seized them with misery and hardship that perhaps they would plead.

Ibn ʿAṭāʾ said, “‘We seized from them all the paths so that they would return to Us.’ I shut down all the roads to them so that they would turn away totally from the realm of being and busy themselves with My companionship, putting love for Me in their hearts.”

Conforming with this is the story of Majnūn. He was seen circumambulating the Kaaba, out of touch with himself, and agitated. The sea of passion was sending up waves in his breast, and his hands were raised in prayer: “‘O God, increase me in love for Laylā!’ Lord God, increase the passion for Laylā in my heart and multiply the trial of her love a thousand times!”

His father, who was the prince of the time, said, “O Majnūn! Many antagonists have risen up against you. Go away for a few days, and perhaps they will forget about you, and this madness for Laylā will become less.”

Majnūn went and on the third day came back. He said, “Father, excuse me. Passion for Laylā has closed all the roads to me, and I can only take the road to Laylā’s street.”

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