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4:10 Surely those who eat the property of orphans wrongly will be eating only fire in their bellies and will roast in a blaze.

The majestic compeller, the great Lord, the renowned keeper of servants, the clement, the generous, the loyal, the tremendous, the lord of everyone, the carrier of everything, who takes the hand of the weak and joins with them in love, in this verse caresses the weak and shows love to the orphans. As for those wrongdoers who skewer the livers of orphans and drink the blood of the indigent, He threatens them and warns them of a fearful punishment. He acts as the deputy of the helpless and disputes with the wrongdoers for their sake. For He is the companion of the weak, the helper of the despairing, the responder to the call of the distressed, and the listener to the voice of the grieved. He loves the servant who, when battered, incapable, and destitute, lets out a cold sigh, sheds warm tears, and lifts two empty hands toward Him, asking again to be excused.

It has come in the traditions that a man was saying, “O Lord, O Lord! You have written, You have measured out, and You have decreed!” O God, all that was, is, and shall be is what You want, what You bring about, and what You write for the creatures. O God, none of this is outside Your predestination, nor does it happen without Your decree.

A call came in his secret core, “That is tawḥīd. Where is servanthood?” What you have said is nothing but tawḥīd and is fit for My Godhood. What then is the mark of your servanthood? The man said, “O Lord, O Lord! Surely I have disobeyed, I have sinned, and I ask.” O God, what comes from me is fitting for me. O God, I have broken the covenant, I have no loyalty, I am disloyal and everything worse.

Surely those who eat the property of orphans wrongly. It is harsh to eat the wealth of orphans and foolishly crave their possessions. They say that once the marvel of the empire, the pure Jesus, was passing by a graveyard. He said, “Lord God, bring one of these servants of Yours to life!” At once a section of dust caved in, and a tall man came out and stood. Jesus was frightened by him and asked, “Young man, who are you?”

He said, “I am the son of Taghlab.” Jesus asked, “When did you die?” He said, “2,700 years ago.” Jesus asked, “Tell me how you have found death.” He said, “From the moment I went into the dust until now, the bitterness of death has been with me.” Jesus asked, “What has God done with you?” He said, “O spirit of God! After 2,700 years I am still being called to account for half a piece of silver that I owed to an orphan. Calling to account for that has still not come to an end.” He said this and fell back into the dust.

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