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It is said that the beautiful thing of this world wanted by the faithful is knowledge and worship, and the beautiful thing of that world is paradise and vision. That of this world is witnessing the mysteries, and that of that world is seeing with the eyes. This world is the success of service, and that world’s the realization of the union. This world is self-purification through obedience and that world’s deliverance from burning and separation. This world is the Sunnah and the community, and that world’s the encounter and vision. This world is the firm fixity of faith, and that world’s the repose and ease [56:89]. This world is the sweetness of obedience, and that world’s the pleasure of contemplation. For this world’s, there must be deeds with obedience, and for that world’s there must be pain with recognition. It is a long road from deeds to pain, and he who does not have this eyesight has an excuse. What is obtained from these deeds is houris and palaces, but the possessor of this pain is drowned in light in the ocean of face-to-face vision.

2:201 Among them is he who says, “Our Lord, give us in this world something beautiful, and in the next world something beautiful.”

Among them is he who says, “Our Lord…”. There is a subtle point in this verse. When someone wants this world, inevitably he will be held back from the reward of the afterworld, for God says, “He has no share in the next world” [2:102]. Muṣṭafā said, “When someone loves this world of his, that will harm his next world; and when someone loves his next world, that will harm this world of his. So prefer that which subsists to that which undergoes annihilation!” When someone wants both this world and the afterworld, the Exalted Lord does not hold them back from him. He gives him what he wants. The report has come, “God is ashamed when a servant lifts up his hands to Him and He disappoints him.” It is also narrated, “God is ashamed when a person with gray hair who observes propriety and clings to the Sunnah asks Him for something and He does not give it.”

There remains another group, who recognize the reality of approval and have surrendered to God’s decree and approved of His determination. They do not turn away from lauding Him in order to ask from Him. They do not seek access to this world nor do they ask for the afterworld. Concerning them, the Lord of the Worlds says, “When remembering Me busies someone from asking from Me, I bestow upon him the most excellent of what I bestow on the askers.”

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