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71:13-14 What is it with you that you do not hope for God with dignity? And He created you in stages.

“What has happened to you that you do not show gratitude for blessings and you do not recognize the rightful due of My nurturing, even though you know from what you were created and how you were created, state by state and stage by stage. First I brought a sperm-drop from weak loins into a weak womb. I kept it in that firm settledness [77:21] and fortified place. Look at how I painted it with the pen of power. I turned that drop of water into blood and turned that blood into flesh. Then I brought forth bones and joined them together. When the formed and determined frame was completed, I commanded the subtle spirit to go into the body, like a sultan to a castle or a phoenix to its nest, so that it might give a robe of honor to each bodily part: seeing to the eye, speaking to the tongue, hearing to the ear, taking to the hand, walking to the feet. O servant, I adorned you beautifully, in the most beautiful stature [95:4]. I refined your stature, I created you more beautiful than all the beings, and I sculpted you more lovely than all the existent things.”

No idol like your form is sculpted in the country, no cypress with your stature is planted in Kishmar.

The wise Enactor, the generous Lord, added to the beauty of form and showed you the marvels of power in your own created disposition. He adorned your heart with tawḥīd, scouring away the rust of denial. What do you say about His wisdom and His mercy? Is it suitable that He burns what He himself adorned and trimmed? No, of course not. Having reminded them of all the blessings and generosity of the Real, Noah heard no gratitude. It only increased them in unbelief and denial, so he turned his face away from them and said,

71:28 My Lord, forgive me and my parents, and those who enter my house with faith, and the faithful men and women.

“My Lord, forgive me and my parents, and those who enter my house with faith: O Lord, forgive me and the two who gave birth to me, and everyone who enters into my covenant with faith. And the faithful men and women: and the faithful among the community of Muhammad, the men, and the women, who will come into existence at the end of the era as the best of all communities and approved by You, the Lord.” 

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