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The newly arriving things are God’s as a kingdom, in God as manifestation, from God in appearance, and unto God in return. And He is the Hearing of the moans of the yearners, and the Knowing of the longing of the finders.

6:13 And His is whatsoever dwells in the night and the day, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing.

It has been said that night is general darkness that appears around the world, and the day is a general brightness that reaches the whole world. Before the creation of the world and before the creation of light and darkness, there was neither night nor day. In paradise, there is no sun, but all is the day, for, in reality, the general brightness is there. Whatever is closer to God has a more complete light and luminosity. ʿAbdallāh ibn Masʿūd said, “Surely there is no day or night with your Lord—He illuminates the heavens with the light of His face.”

It is mentioned in the traditions that the Lord of the Worlds created a tremendous angel, placing night in one of his fists and day in the other. Whenever the angel closes one fist and opens the other, that is the ruling power of the day. When he closes this fist and opens the other, that is the ruling power of the night. By way of allusion, God is saying: “I placed the disk of the sun in the fist of the angel, but I did not give the hearts of My friends to anyone. The angel has no intervention in or power over the hearts of the friends.” Know that the disk of the sun is in the fist of the angel, but the heart of the lovers is in the fist of the King—majestic and high is He! Muṣṭafā said, “The hearts of the servants are between two fingers of the All-Merciful.”

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