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4:94 O you who have faith! When you strike forth on the path of God, look clearly, and say not to him who offers you peace, “You are not of the faithful,” seeking the chance goods of this world’s life.

By way of allusion, He is saying that when you go on a journey, go for the sake of reaching one of the friends of God so that he may be the closeness of your days and the witness of your heart and spirit. No matter how far you go, never be at ease from seeking and do not hold back the foot of effort. The friends are the favorites of the Exalted Threshold and accepted by the Presence of Divinity. Not everyone sees them, not every eyesight perceives them. When you find them, give ear, and when you see them, cling to them, for the brightness of the heart lies in witnessing them and endless felicity in being their companion.

Junayd was asked, “Which do you prefer? Two cycles of voluntary prayer or an hour of witnessing the poor.”

He said, “An hour of witnessing the poor, for witnessing the poor is God’s love, for He says, ‘It is incumbent on Me to love those who love each other in Me and who visit each other in Me.’ Bringing God’s love to hand is an obligatory act for everyone. Leaving aside this obligatory act and choosing a supererogatory act is not the work of the clever and the conduct of the chevaliers.”

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