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When they were truthful in the beauty of asking for help, He assisted them with the lights of sufficiency. When the heart is limpid, the present moment empty, and the tongue flowing with the Real’s remembrance, the arrow of supplication inevitably reaches the target of response. But the work is in this: When will this limpidness, loyalty, and supplication come together and how will they join with each other?

3:8 Our Lord, let not our hearts stray after Thou hast guided us, and give us mercy from Thee.

The meaning of this supplication is this: “O God, keep our hearts far from confusion and straying and make us firm on the carpet of service with the stipulation of the Sunnah.”

And give us mercy from Thee: And give what you give, O Lord, as Your bounty and mercy, not as the recompense for our works or the compensation for our acts of obedience! Our acts of obedience are not worthy for the Presence of Your Majesty, so the only thing to do is to efface them and ignore them.

‘We shall advance upon what deeds they have done and make them scattered dust’ [25:23]. But, of all the Qur’an’s verses, I find this the sweetest.” He was asked, “What does it mean?” He said, “We will finally be released from these displeasing deeds and unworthy acts of obedience and attach our hearts totally to His bounty and mercy.”

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