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 “O you who have lost the end of your own thread! O you who have fallen into the well of your own mortal nature! If you want the road clearer than this, why do you not go forward? If you want the field wider than this, why do you not mount up? If you want the candle brighter than this, why are you falling off the path? O you over whom so many years have passed and you have still not caught a scent! O you who have sat at so many tables and are still hungry! O you who have worn a thousand clothes and still undress! O People! The playing field is open, where are the mounted riders? The tribunal is open, where are the plaintiffs? The physician is present, where is the ill? The beauty is unveiled, where are the passionate?”

2:28 How do you disbelieve in God, seeing that you were dead, and He brought you to life. Then He shall make you dead, then He shall bring you to life.

You were dead, and God brought you to life. “You were dead, but I brought you to life. Why do you not look? You were ignorant, but I made you knowers. Why do you not perceive? I showed you the road, why do you not go?”

“O God, how can the servant overcome the beginningless decree? When he does not have, what can he do? What is the servant’s effort? The work is done by what You want. How can the servant save himself with his own effort?”

Then God shall make you dead, then God shall bring you to life. It is said that death is of three sorts. Death by the curse, Death by regret, and Death by a generous gift. Death by the curse belongs to the disbelievers, Death by regret to the disobedient, and Death by a generous gift to the Godward. Life also is of three sorts. First the life of fear, then the life of hope, then the life of love. The life of fear appears in kindness, the life of hope appears in service, and the life of love appears in remembrance. Those who live in fear will be given security on the Day of Death: “Fear not and grieve not!” [41:30]. Those who live in hope will be caressed on the last day: “Rejoice in the Garden that you were promised!” [41:30]. Those who live in love will receive from the Friend this generous gift on the carpet of generosity in the session: “Return to thy Lord, approving, approved!” [89:28].


 “O God, O worthy of generosity and caresser of the world! There is no happiness with other than You, and no grief along with Your remembrance. You are the plaintiff and the interceder, the witness and the judge. As long as I breathe along with Your love, I will be free of the bonds of existence and nonexistence, released from the bother of Tablet and Pen—the cup of happiness in hand again and again in the sitting place. May no one be aware of the secret between me and You!”

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