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Ask them, O Muḥammad! Does anyone dwell in the house? In verified truth, does the rightful due of the realm of being have any weight with the Real? If they fail to answer, that will be healing. So say, “God in His Lordhood is enough.”

6:12 Say: “To Whom belongs what is in the heavens and in the earth?” Say: “To God. He has written mercy against Himself.”

God, and that’s it. The rest is folly. O God! It is not from anyone to You, nor from You to anyone—all is from You to You, all is You, and that’s it. Glory be to God! A world full of things and full of people—He overthrows it all in one breath. A hundred eyes would not be enough for me to gaze on this work. He has written mercy against Himself. Before He began to create the newly arrived things and to originate the engendered beings, He struck the coin of mercy in the mint of the Unseen as the hard cash of the servants’ states and deeds: Surely I am God; there is no god but I [20:14]. “My mercy takes precedence over My wrath.”

Tomorrow on the Day of Mustering, the Messenger will call-out at the top of the bazaar of the resurrection: “O King, here is a handful of the disobedient. Let me be instructed to clothe them in the shirt of Your mercy, for You have said, ‘We sent thee only as a mercy to the worlds’ [21:107].

O Lord, it is the day of the bazaar for these beggars. I was catching them with the lasso of the invitation, so I made them many promises. O Lord, do not shame Muḥammad in this gathering of the multitudes! Turn Your promise of mercy and generosity into reality, for You Yourself said, ‘O My servants who have been immoderate against yourselves, despair not of God’s mercy [39:53].”

From the Court of Majesty will come the call of generosity and mercy: “O Muḥammad! The work of your community is not outside of three: Either they are people of faith, or they are recognizers, or they are disobedient. If they have faith and are hoping for paradise, then here is My paradise. If they are the disobedient hoping for My forgiveness, then here is My mercy and forgiveness. If they are the recognizers hoping for vision, then here is My vision.” Thus the road of the servants is to open their mouths in praise and laudation. In the state of brokenness, they should keep on saying with the attribute of pleading and poverty, “O closer to us than ourselves! O more lovingly kind to us than ourselves! O caresser of us without us through Your generosity—not because of our worthiness, not because of our works. The burden is beyond our capacity, the practice not proper to us, the favor not within our ability. Whatever we have done has damaged us, whatever You have done subsists for us. Whatever You have done in our place You have done by Yourself, not for our sake.”

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