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The Holy Qur’an is a caress for the friends, giving them hope for everlasting largesse and bliss, and an encouragement to the faithful, inciting them to obey and to seek an increase of blessings. The Holy Qur’an also warns the strangers against confusion in the heart and associationism on the tongue, and it threatens with the fire of punishment and the harshness of being cut off from the Real. The person

of faith is he who becomes frightened and without ease when he hears the verse and thinks about the chastisement of hell. He becomes happy when he thinks the second intuitive dimension of the verse, it makes his heart fast and his hope strong, and it brings ease into his heart. The Lord of the Worlds addresses both the frightened and the one at ease. Concerning the frightened He says, “The faithful are only those whose hearts quake when God is remembered” [8:2]. Concerning the one at ease, He says, “Those who have faith and whose hearts are serene in the remembrance of God” [13:28]. The custom of the Generous Lord is that whenever He sends a verse of fear with which He frightens the servants after it He sends down a verse of hope and mercy to give ease to their hearts so that they will not despair.

Let there be good news for all those who are today in the playing field of service, for tomorrow they will be in the assembly of repose and ease [56:89]. Not everyone who reaches the paradise of approval will reach the generous gift of repose and ease. The paradise of approval is the furthest limit of the pleasure of the worshipful servants, and repose and ease is the kiblah of the spirits of the lovers. The paradise of approval is the High Chambers and the Abode of Peace. Repose and ease in the Presence of At-ness is the gift for the spirit of the passionate. Everyone who watches over his actions will reach the paradise of approval; everyone who watches over his breaths will reach repose and ease.

Who can explain this repose and ease and how can it be given expression!? When something does not come to the tongue, how can it be explained? A wind begins to blow from the World of the Unseen that is called “the wind of bounty.” Clouds begin to gather that is called “the clouds of kindness.” Rain begins to fall that is called “The Rain of Gentleness.”

The flood of love that is appointed for this makeup of water and dust leaves no mark of water, no news of dust. No name of mortal nature remains, no trace of human nature. Put aside every preoccupation that arises from water and clay and every confusion that comes from mortal and human nature so that you may reach non-being. Then pass beyond non-being to reach repose and ease.

One wise said,

I saw in secret the world and the root of the universe,

I passed beyond defect and repute with ease.

And that black light—know that it is beyond the non-pointed—

that too I passed; neither this nor that remained.

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