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9:119 O you who have faith, be wary of God and be among the truthful!

This is a command, a bestowal of eminence, and a felicitation: a command of God, a bestowal of eminence through the good news, and a beautiful felicitation; a lovingly kind command, a heart-holding bestowal of eminence, a magnificent felicitation. He is commanding to bring the servants near to Himself, bestowing eminence so that the travelers will give their hearts to His love, giving felicitation so that they will seek His companionship. The servants who get the work done are those who have His love in their hearts. Those who reap the Real’s fruit are those who have living hearts. Those who remember Him are those who receive eminence from the Real. They pass their days in the world with the world’s folk like strangers.

O you who have faith! This is a call of generosity and an infinite caress. The ears for the Real’s call are the seven members of the body. When He discloses Himself, the sorrows of the two worlds are forgotten. He put the call of generosity in front so that hearing it, the servant would find it easy to carry the burden of the decree. What is the decree? “Be wary of God and be among the truthful!” He commands to Godwariness, and He commands truthfulness in Godwariness.

Godwariness is the basis of the submission, truthfulness the perfection of faith. Godwariness is the beginning of familiarity, truthfulness the mark of love. Godwariness is the capital of the worshipers, truthfulness the mark of the light of recognition. Godwariness belongs to the travelers in the world of the Shariah, truthfulness belongs to the pain-stricken in the world of the Tariqah. When someone comes to possess the good fortune of Godwariness and he is shown the beauty of truthfulness, his mark is that he strikes fire into the hut of his own existence, launches the ship of createdness in the ocean of nonbeing, makes his children into orphans, bids farewell to his near ones and family, and cleanses his inwardness of habits and customs. His outwardness comes to be adorned with the light of the Shariah, his secret core filled with love for the Real, his heart emptied of love for this world, his secret core of desire for the afterworld—he has no joining with this world or the folk of this world, and no ease with the afterworld.

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