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Every eminence and nobility possessed by past communities He gave to them and added to it, and every burden and hardship they had He lifted away from them. Those had long days of practice, but this community has more rewards for obedience. Those had a moment for repentance, but then the punishment of the Hour, but this community’s opportunity for repentance of sins extends to the moment of death, and punishment belongs to the Will.

Then too, Lord of the Worlds laid a favor on Muṣṭafā and said, “Thou wast not on the side of the Mount when We called out” [28:46]. O paragon, you were not present on that corner of the Mount when We were speaking of you to Moses and talking about your community.”

Moses said, “Lord God, in the Torah I read the mention of a community extremely adorned, refined, and approved. They have beautiful conduct and flourishing secret cores. Who are they?”

God said, “That is the community of Muḥammad.” Moses began to yearn for this community and said, “Lord God, is there any way You can show them to me?”God said, “No, for it is not the moment for them to come out. If you want, I will convey their voices to your ears.”

Then, God, Himself let out a call in the world, “O community of Muḥammad!” Every one who would be his community until the coming of the Hour said, “Here I am, obeying Thee!” Since He called them out, He did not send them back without a gift. He said, “I bestowed upon you before you asked from Me, and I forgave you before you asked Me to forgive you.”

It is not surprising that God called out to Moses after he had come into existence and received the eminence of prophethood and messengership and whispered prayer at the edge of the Mount. More surprising is that He called out to a handful of the tainted, who were not yet created and still in the concealment of nonexistence, though existent in God’s knowledge, and He caressed them as servants.

And who are certain of the next world. And they have no more doubt concerning the resurrection and the unseen states than Ḥāritha when Muṣṭafā asked of him, “How did you wake up, O Ḥāritha?”

He said, “I woke up with true faith in God. It was as if I was visiting with the folk of the Garden as if I was howling with the folk of the Fire, and as if I was gazing on the Throne of my Lord standing forth.”

Muṣṭafā said to him, “You have recognized. Cling to that!”

Spirits that move about in the Dominion gazing on the meanings of the unseen things. Then they speak about the secrets of the Real with the speech of contemplation, not the speech of opinion and reckoning.

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