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33:35 Surely submitted men and submitted women, faithful men and faithful women, devout men and devout women, truthful men and truthful women, patient men and patient women, humble men and humble women, charitable men and charitable women, fasting men and fasting women,  men who guard their private parts and women who guard, men who remember God much and women who remember—God has prepared for them forgiveness and a tremendous wage.

In this verse, the Lord of the Worlds makes clear for His servants the way stations of traveling on the road of the religion. Then in His gentleness, He praises them for their traveling and with His mercy, He gives them a tremendous wage and a generous reward. He Himself shows the road, He keeps them traveling, and then He praises the servants for that. Here you have generosity and gentleness! Here you have mercy and clemency!

Submitted men and submitted women. They are Muslims, having placed the rulings of the Shariah on their necks and having thrown themselves into the road of the Haqiqah. Faithful men and faithful women. They are the faithful through attesting with the tongue, assenting to the truth from the depth of the spirit, and acting with the limbs. Devout men and devout women. They are those who act with obedience and observe the commands, who by day are in the work of the religion and by night drunk with the wine of certainty. Truthful men and truthful women. They are truthful in both speaking and acting, in both compact and covenant. Patient men and patient women. They are patient at the descent of trials and unexpected decrees. Humble men and humble women. They are the broken and the lowly, approving of the decree and standing on the feet of incapacity before the ruling power of the Haqiqah. Charitable men and charitable women. They are the bestowers of their possessions and themselves; they do not put aside anyone’s rightful due against them and have left the road of antagonism toward people. Fasting men and fasting women. They hold themselves back from the unworthy, they are silent toward what is displeasing by the decree of the Tariqah, and they keep the fast according to the Shariah. Men who guard their private parts and women who guard. They watch over their outwardness so that they do not fall into the forbidden, and they guard over their inwardness so that they do not see the creatures. Men who remember much and women who remember. They remember God with the tongue and keep Him remembered in their heart.

“O remembrance of the spirits, remembered by the hearts, and mentioned by the tongues! Remember God with Your bounty and make me happy with gentle remembrance! O standing in Your own remembrance, O prior with Your remembrance to everyone who remembers! It is Your remembrance that reaches You as it should—otherwise, what comes from me that is worthy of You?”

God has prepared for them forgiveness and a tremendous wage. Today is the ease of worship and the constancy of recognition, tomorrow the realization of what was requested and reaching what is beyond what had been hoped.

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