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48:1 Surely We opened up for thee a clear opening.

There are several surahs in the Qur’an that begin with surely We [innā]: Surely We sent it down [97:1], Surely We sent [71:1], Surely We gave thee [108:1], Surely We opened up for thee. “The one abandoned by the Threshold, ʿAzāzīl, said, ‘I am better’ [38:76], and We wreaked havoc on him. We gave his 70,000 years of obedience and service to the wind of unneediness and placed the brand of abandonment and deprivation on his liver. The unaided Pharaoh said, ‘Does not the kingdom of Egypt belong to me?’ [43:51], and We isolated him from blessing, kingship, and pomp and We killed him with water. Korah said, ‘because of a knowledge that I have’ [28:78], and We cut off his head with the sword of severity and took him upside-down into the earth.

The angels said, ‘And We glorify’ [2:30]. We burned thousands of them in the fire of majesty so that the world’s folk would know that other than We, no one can say ‘I’ or ‘We,’ for We are the Lord. It is We who are worthy of Lordhood and We who know God-work. We are one in Essence, peerless in attributes, possessor of exaltedness and magnificence, tremendousness and splendor. ‘Magnificence is My cloak and tremendousness My shawl; if anyone contends with Me in either, I will put him in the Fire.’”

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