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The Qur’an is guidance for the Godwary, healing for the faithful, the cause of familiarity, assistance for clarity, a key for the ears, a mirror for the eyes, a lamp for hearts, healing for pain, a light for the eyes of the familiar, spirits of the friends, the admonition for the fearful, mercy for the faithful. It is a Qur’an whose eternity’s rising place is the brilliance of the Divinity, a book whose coming down was made easy by the Lordhood, a writer whose guardian and protector is the exaltedness of Unity by virtue. It is found in the house of the decree and guarded inside the curtain of the Real’s guarding. God says, “Surely it is We Who have sent down the Remembrance, and surely it is We who are its guards” (15:9).

Since you know that the Qur’an is guidance for the Godwary, you should establish the lineage of Godwariness so that it may take you inside the curtain of its protection. God says, “Surely the noblest of you with God is the most Godwary” [49:13]. Tomorrow at the resurrection, every lineage will be broken except the lineage of Godwariness. Everyone sheltered by Godwariness today will be the neighbor of the Patron tomorrow. Thus it has been reported, “The people will be mustered on the Day of Resurrection. Then God will say to them, ‘It is a long time that you have been speaking and I have been silent. Today you be silent and I will speak. Surely I took away your lineages but you refused all but your own lineages. I said, ‘Surely the noblest of you with God is the most Godwary,’ but you refused and said, ‘So-and-so, son of so-and-so.’ So I took away your lineages and put in place My lineage. Today I will take away My lineage and put in place your lineages. The Folk of the Gathering will come to know who are the possessors of nobility and where is the Godward. God Knows Best!

Those who have faith in the Unseen and perform the prayer and spend of what God has provided them. They love God without having seen Him. They attest to His uniqueness and they believe in His oneness in Essence and attributes. They hold firm to His Messenger without having seen him, they accept his Messengerhood, and they walk straight on the Road of Sunnah. After five hundred years of blackness on whiteness, they accept him with spirit and heart. The message he conveyed, the reports he gave of the World of Dominion, the Lote Tree of the Final End, the Gardens of the Refuge, the Throne of the Patron, the outcome of this world—they bear witness to its truth and they believe in all of it. They do the prayer such that you would say they are gazing on God and whispering secretly with Him, confirming the truth of the Prophet’s words, “Worship God as if you see Him, for if you do not see Him, surely He sees you.”

The Last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) also said, “When the servant stands for the prayer, he is before the eyes of the All-Merciful. When he looks around, God says, ‘Child of Adam! To whom are you looking? Are you looking at someone better for you than I? Child of Adam! Look at Me, for I am better for you than the one at whom you are looking.’”

Strive at the time you come to the prayer to keep your thoughts in the prayer and to turn your heart away from the bazaar. Have courtesy, and know the worth of whispering secretly with the Patron of Blessings. For it is a person of low aspiration and meanness who finds secret whispering with the Patron of Blessings and then busies his heart with the blessings. Added to the attributes of the Godwariness, the caresses God has placed upon the believers and the blessings God has given to believers upon they do justice with their acts—believers undertake to show gratitude for these blessings and, by the command of the Shariah, they caress the poor, give comfort to them, and consider them the Real’s deputies in receiving charity. This indeed is the road of Muslim Honourship generally, who discharge the obligatory or add something morally helpful to it voluntarily.

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