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62:1 Everything in the heavens and the earth glorifies God, the King, the Holy, the Exalted, the Wise.

He is the King, the Owner, the Owner of the Kingdom, and the King of Kings. The king, in reality, is He, for His kingship, has no removal, His seriousness no levity, His exaltedness no abasement, His decree no rejection. He has no peer, and from Him, there is no escape. When the faithful, believing servant comes to know that the owner, in reality, is He, he will break the tablet of making claims, roll up the carpet of folly, pull his skirt back from the two worlds, surrender possessions and the kingdom to the Absolute Owner, and consider His desire prior to his own desire. He will be ashamed to abase himself before any created thing or to bend his upright neck for the sake of a grain or a mouthful. “He who aims for the ocean has no need for rivulets.”

“He who recognizes God will not put up with the abasement of the creatures.” Whoever knows the Real’s majesty will not give himself over to creatures’ abasing. The hand of his truthfulness will be held back from the two worlds, the foot of his love will always be in the road, his heart will be in the grasp of the King’s exaltation, and his secret core will be the quarry of the secret of the Possessor of Majesty. On his forehead will be the mark of prosperity, in the eye of his certainty the light of taking heed of God’s acts, in his nose the fragrance of the garden of the union. People have states, pleasures, and names, but he is without states, pleasures, and names. What then has he lost? For tomorrow in the house of the afterworld, he will be the nightingale of the garden of At-ness and the falcon of the mystery of unity.

Ḥallāj was asked about renunciation. He said, “Putting aside the enjoyment of this world is the soul’s renunciation. Putting aside the bliss of the next world is the heart’s renunciation. Abandoning one’s own self in this road is the spirit’s renunciation. Those who are renunciants in this world settle down in the abode of approval. Those who are renunciants in paradise settle down in the Palisades of Holiness. As for the group that renounces their own selfhoods, they will be snatched away by a flood in the valley of No god but God. There will be no news of them in this abode and no trace of them in that abode. They will settle down in the Pavilion of Jealousy with access to the dome of the Self-Sufficiency’s proximity.”

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