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104:3 He reckons that his wealth will make him last forever.

They fancy that they will be in this world forever and that their wealth will always stay with them.

104:4 But no, he will be thrown into the Crusher.

It will not be like what they fancy and will not be as they hope. In truth, at the resurrection, they will be thrown into hell. They will be held captive in abasement and misery in the depths of the Crusher, their hands and feet fettered, stretched with a chain of seventy gaz, without hope for the mercy of the Real.

104:5 And what will let thee know what is the Crusher?

And how would you know, O Muḥammad, how hard are the depths of the Crusher? And how burning is its fire!

104:6 The lit-up fire of God.

If a speck of that fire were to appear in this world, it would burn all the folk of this world. The mountains would melt and the earth would sink down.

So, what is the state of someone who is in the midst of this fire? He has the attribute that the Lord of the Worlds says:

104:7-9 Roaring over the hearts, coming down on them in outstretched columns.

In the tongue of the folk of allusion and in keeping with the tasting of the folk of understanding, the lit-up fire of God is what the Pir of the Tariqah said: “It is a fire set by the limpidness of love that spoils the delights of life and strips away solace. Nothing can hold it back short of the encounter.”

This is the state of that chevalier of the Tariqah, Ḥallāj, who said, “They struck the lit-up fire of God in my inwardness seventy years before it burned.” Then the kindling of the present moment of “I am the Real” sent out sparks. The sparks fell on that burnt one and took flame, so nothing was left of him but sparks. O assemblies of the Muslims! Where is a heart burnt by the lit up fire of God so that at the time of dawn a fire may catch in it from the flint.

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