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8:29 O you who have faith, if you are wary of God, He will appoint for you a criterion, acquit you of your ugly deeds, and forgive you. And God is the possessor of a tremendous bounty.

He is saying to the faithful, “If you go by the road of Godwariness and take Godwariness as your refuge in every state, He will give you a criterion of knowledge and inspiration through which you will separate truth from falsehood, and the straightness of the road from the loss of the road. This is complete knowledge for those of you who are knowers, and sound inspiration for those of you who are recognizers.” The criterion of the knower is the indications of the Shariah and the clear proofs reached by an expenditure of effort and the acquisition of servanthood. The criterion of the recognizer is a light from the Unseen and a clear mirror for the divine bestowal and lordly inspiration.

In this verse people have spoken of another closeness and beautiful subtlety: He is saying, “O you who have planted the root of the tree of faith! If you nurture it with Godwariness, it will give forth three fruits: One is the criterion, as He says: ‘He will appoint for you a criterion.’ Another is acquittal: ‘acquit you of your ugly deeds.’ The third is forgiveness: ‘and forgive you.’” The criterion is a bestowal of recognition, the acquittal lightening of burdens, the forgiveness bestowal of eminence. The bestowal of recognition is appropriate, the lightening of burdens beautiful, and the bestowal of eminence complete.

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