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“Live” an idea

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  • Your own rewritten are remembered here.
  • Compare each new experience with similar past experiences.
  • Find a way to link new information to what you already know.
  • Try to gather and compare information from several new sources.  
  • Ask yourself if you can see things from other people’s points of view.
  • Look for the big picture. What is the most important main idea?  
  • Search for new insights from new and past experiences.  
  • Find the most important things about each new experience.
  • Think about what others have learned from important experiences.  
  • Be willing to re-think and change your mind concerning an experience.
  • Think about ways you can enlarge your view of the world.
  • Ask others about new ways to remember what you have to learn.
  • Learn how to remember larger amounts of information.
  • Try to remember and describe the details of a specific event.
  • Think about a way you can reorganize large amounts of information.
  • Select visual images in nature and daily life to create new art forms.
  • Select sounds in nature and daily life to create new art forms.

Teachers who are excellent at teaching their course content often take time during their course, or a class, to talk with students about ways to improve the quality of their lives inside and outside of school. When teachers initiate, students generally listen closely to these shared moments.

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