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Islam: The Most Educated Religion in the World

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1:7 The path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those who incur wrath, nor of the misguided.

It has been said that this is the road and traveling of the Companions of the Cave. The faithful want to say, “O Lord, complete for us our road without us, just as You were bountiful toward the Companions of the Cave and placed Your caress upon them. You said, ‘Go into this cave and sleep well’ O Lord, give us a portion of blessing and caress! Just as You with Your bounty completed their work without them, so also with Your bounty complete our work without us. For, whatever we do is to our loss, and whatever You do is the foundation of exaltedness in the two worlds.”

It has also been saying, “Those whom Thou hast blessed with the submission and the Sunnah.” He tied the submission and the Sunnah together because, as long as the two are not joined, the ser­vant will not have the straightness of the religion. This is because there is no submission without the Sunnah, and whatever is with the Sunnah is the true religion. Hence, Prophet Muhammad [saws] said, “There are no words without deeds, no words and deeds without intention, and no words, deeds, and intention without hitting the mark in the Sunnah.”

It has been said that the submission is like a spring of water. Trees have no escape from a spring of water, and in the same way, the submission has no escape from the Sunnah. Every breast that comes to be adorned with the exaltedness of the submission has become a place where the light of the Sunnah has appeared to the submission. This is why the Lord of the Worlds says, “Is he whose breast God has expanded for the submission, so he is upon a light from his Lord…” [39:22]. It has been said that this is the light of the Sunnah.

It has come in the reports that tomorrow at the gathering place of the resurrection and the assembly of harshness when the folk of the seven heavens and the seven earths are mustered, everyone’s feet will be stuck in his own deeds, his head thrown down, helpless in his own work, confounded and bewildered, falling and getting up, thirsty. All at once a fragrant and perfumed person will stroll out from the hiding places of the Unseen and disclose himself. The breeze of that fragrance will reach the nostrils of the folk of felicity. Everyone will become sweet-smelling and will rejoice. They will say, “Lord God, what fragrance and comfort is this? What beauty and perfection is this?” The address will come, “This is the face of the beauty of Our Mes­senger’s Sunnah. Whoever was a follower of the Sunnah in the house of the decree, I permit him to set the foot of security in the pavilion of his exaltedness. Whoever was a stranger to the Sunnah in that house—I will send him down to the Fire. I will give him over to hell, for today also he is stranger and rejected.”

“Their effort was misguided in the life of this world, and they were reckoning that they were doing beautiful artisanry” [18:104].

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